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Niwaki Stand RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Niwaki Stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Niwaki at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Main Stand EAE512 • Tripod Ladders AR639

READ MORE: If ever there was proof that teamwork really does make the dream work, it’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Mess, chaos and disharmony is transformed into something approaching magic through the careful planning, expertise and dedication of the teams of gardeners and craftsmen working together with a shared purpose: inspiring stuff when you think about.


Ulla Johnson x Niwaki Ikebana Kit

Ulla Johnson x Niwaki Ikebana Kit

READ MORE: Niwaki has partnered with eponymous luxury women’s fashion brand Ulla Johnson to create a highly desirable ikebana kit, complete with everything you need to start making beautiful and stylish floral display: just add flowers and water.

B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki

B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki

B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki

Two remixed Niwaki classics – click here to get the lowdown.

Rishun / 立春 in Tokyo

Rishun / 立春 in Tokyo

Rishun / 立春 in Tokyo

February might not be everyone’s idea of the best time to visit Japan, but when work calls, Niwaki’s fearless founder Jake Hobson slips on his travel Takumi work suit (with custom matching ripstop eye mask), tucks passport, an improving book and a camera into his Achi Kochi Tote and off he flies. But it’s not all work, work, work: outside the R&D meetings and trade show Jake found time to indulge in a little tree spotting, and even made friends with a pig. Take 5 mins and travel vicariously through photos and observations from the trip:

Valentines 2024 red thread of fate


The read thread of fate

Although The Spice Girls got the basic message across when they warbled “two become one”, in Japan there’s an older – some would argue more elegant – way of expressing the deep connection between two souls: 異体同心 (Different bodies, one heart). You’ll see this on the window of Niwaki Chiltern Street, if you visit between now and Valentine’s Day, announcing our encouragement to romance with a 14% discount on everything* in store and online. We don’t generally do sales, but we’re romantics at heart so take advantage while you can. CLICK TO READ MORE …


Two gardens in Kyoto

Two gardens in Kyoto

Escape the crushing reality of January and transport yourself back in time to join Jake for couple of days wandering around Kyoto. Make yourself a fresh cup of tea, raid the remains of the Quality Street and read on:

Ibori Tree Market, Inazawa

Natsubate and the Ibori Tree Market

Natsubate and the Ibori Tree Market

READ MORE: Settle down at the back – ‘Natsubate/夏バテ’ (pronounced ‘nat-soo-bah-tay’) is a perfectly innocent portmanteau of the Japanese words ‘natsu/夏’ (summer) and ‘bate-ta/バテる’ (exhausted or worn out) and describes the lethargic malaise brought on by interminable hot ’n’ humid Japanese summers. Not something we have to worry about in early November; if you’re in the UK you might willing trade all this beastly rain, mud and oomska for a dose of heat exhaustion. But moving on …

Lightweight Niwaki 4' Original Tripod Ladder

The Good Life

The Good Life

READ MORE: If you’ve visited Niwaki Chiltern Street it’s possible you have already encountered Sarah in her role as part-time sales assistant, dispenser of experience-based tool advice and all-round mood improver. We’re lucky to have her, even if it is just one day a week: when she’s not helping out in the shop Sarah can be found teaching RHS Level 2 Horticulture, gardening professionally across North London and, when time and weather permits, pottering about on her allotment.

Noah X Niwaki collaboration

Noah x Niwaki

Noah x Niwaki: 31.08.23

READ MORE: The New York streetwear/Japanese gardening cross-over you never imagined possible arrives this Thursday (31 August 2023) with the release of a limited-run Niwaki x Noah collaboration.

The brainchild of original Supreme supremo, Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, Noah makes music, skate and surf-inspired clothes and accessories that appeal to a wide-range of creative thinkers, doers and now, gardeners.

Unpacking the kei truck before getting to work


A day in the life of Niwaraku (aka Mr Masaru Suzuki)

READ MORE: Back in late 2022, when Niwaki Will was over in Japan to visit Yuri at Niwaki Kagurazaka, meet some blacksmiths and help out with the photo shoot for our most recent catalogue, the team gathered to spend a day with friend of Niwaki, Masaru-san, also known as Niwaraku. Does that name sound familiar to you? Eagle-eyed readers will remember his starring role on the cover of the 2021 Niwaki catalogue (hat, jacket and general air of stylishness – model’s own).

Niwaraku kindly let team Niwaki tag along for a day of gentle gardening, sightseeing and spicy sushi rolls. Yuri took notes and a few pics while Soeda (our man with a cam in Japan) snapped a few more: so without further ado, here’s the report Yuri sent back to Niwaki HQ:

Jake Hobson tests out the new Niwaki Hakari curved blade clippers


For those about to clip, Niwaki salutes you

READ MORE: One of the best bits about manning the stand at the Chelsea Flower Show* is the opportunity to hear how customers use the products they already own and to demonstrate which useful tools they could or should be using, but at present do not use, either because they don’t know they exist, they don’t know what do with them, or they imagine that, because the tools have been designed with specific uses in mind, using them is too specialist an art and best left to the professionals.

Niwaki 2023 catalogue featuring Japanese gardening tools workwear tripod ladders and kitchen knives

Niwaki Catalogue 2023

The NEW Niwaki Catalogue 2023 is here!

With any luck, you’re currently enjoying the cheering effect of improving weather, greening hedgerows, blossom-laden trees and the odd burst of warm sun – coupled with many more usable hours in the garden.

From this morning, when the first copies land decorously on doormats, there’s another reason to be cheerful. Yes – the 2023 Niwaki Catalogue is here, there and everywhere, and wouldn’t you know it – it’s another bumper edition, showcasing even more great stuff from Japan!

Oliver Spencer x Niwaki Collaboration: Season 2

Oliver Spencer x Niwaki Collaboration: Season 2

Oliver Spencer x Niwaki collaboration: season 2

We’ve been making clothes that look great and work well both in and out of the garden for a few years now, so we were very pleased to discover Oliver Spencer shares our passion for utility, style and, crucially, gardening.

Following on from our successful collaboration in 2022, Oliver Spencer and Niwaki are excited to present some new and updated styles for this season’s offering.

Niwaki seeds garden Japan Japanese herbs vegetables grow your own

Sow, Grow, Eat, Repeat

Niwaki Seeds, a shiso salad recipe and a pickling workshop at Niwaki Chiltern Street – click to read more:

Lacanophobiacs – look away now. No, not those with a horror of the work of French psychotherapist and proto-deconstructionist Jacques Lacan: lacanophobia is the fear of vegetables, obviously.

Whether you’re building/tidying vegetable boxes and patiently awaiting the last frost or you’re one step ahead planting seed trays in the greenhouse, it’s not too early to start thinking about what you will grow – and eat – in the warmer months.

(click to read more)

Morning Glory on a building in Yanaka District, Tokyo


From the spectacular to the vernacular: travel tales

In the quiet hours between Christmas and New Year, why not transport yourself through time and space to enjoy a few highlights from Niwaki Jake’s visit to Japan in November? From the spectacular to the vernacular, let Niwaki be your guide.

Made in Japan kitchen knife at the forge

Perfectly balanced kitchen knives from Japan

Knives & Sharpening

If there’s one thing that unites winter festivities across the world, whether it’s Christmas in Dorset or New Year in Hokkaido, it’s the preparation of food to share with friends and family. And nothing makes prepping a meal easier and more pleasurable than a good quality knife. Everybody knows Niwaki does great garden gear, but did you know we also stock some very fine Japanese kitchen knives?

If you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal this Christmas, or you’ve already experienced Japanese knife quality and want to share your discovery with a friend or loved one, may we humbly present for your consideration a selection of rather good knives from our ever-expanding collection?

Nemawashi in November: pine cone


Nemawashi in November

We recently welcomed a few new members to the team, perhaps the most Niwaki* of us all: a family of pine trees, nurtured and pruned for many years by Jake at the top secret Niwaki equivalent of Area 51, transported to Semley by Niwaki Will and now immeasurably improving the otherwise drab exterior of the Niwaki HQ warehouse.

There’s a Japanese word for moving trees: nemawashi. In fact, nemawashi has a slightly more specific meaning: it literally means digging around or turning the roots, which, obviously, is what you need to do if you want to move a tree, but it also implies a level of care and respect for the all-important subterranean structure of the tree.

Takumi Ripstop Work Suit Niwaki

Takumi Ripstop Work Suit

The Niwaki Takumi Ripstop Work Suit is here

Gardeners, craftspeople, bodgers, dreamers and flaneurs of all persuasions – suit up!

Swallows will soon be leaving … let’s party

The Swallows will soon be leaving

READ: the swallows will soon be leaving / SAVE THE DATE: Niwaki Chiltern Street 1st Anniversary Party

What are you doing during the season of white dew, on the second day of the swallows leaving? No, it’s not a trick question, but if you want to answer truthfully you’ll need to be au fait with the classification of the 24 sekki (divisions) and further 72 ko (subdivisions) that constitute the Japanese microseason calendar.

Based on an ancient Chinese system, the particular calendar we’re referring to was devised in 1685 by a court astronomer called Shibukawa Shunkai, who adapted an existing Chinese calendar to match observed events closer to home.

Reading highly evocative names such as “distant thunder” (31 March–4 April), “Rainbows hide” (22-26 November) and – a personal favourite – “worms surface” (10–14 May) you may wonder how much is close observation from a diverse-range of sources and how much is poetic licence. Was Shibukawa-san updating a way of measuring time or composing a long-form poem, with the calendar as the central conceit? Or it is a bit of both: an almanac for aesthetes, if you will?

Either way, dreamers, artists, naturalists and gardeners can call on this more gentle method of noting the passing of time, which, in an increasingly digital world, has a pleasingly analogue, imprecise ring to it. It is also noteworthy how few of the entries relate to any sort of ‘useful’ activity: they are much more about noticing and appreciating the small moments in life, which is not a bad analogy for the pleasures of gardening.

Returning to our original question, what you should be doing on the 21 September (mid-way through the departure of the aforementioned swallows) is celebrating the 1st anniversary of Niwaki Chiltern Street. Please join our Founder, Jake, Chiltern Street Manager, Darren, and his assistant, Lucie, along with the rest of the Niwaki crew at the shop from 6pm for drinks, nibbles, tool chat and a special (pink!) anniversary giveaway. Call Niwaki Chiltern Street for more information.

Niwaki Original and EN Pro Adjustable Tripod Ladders for safety and stability

Strong and stable … and sharp

READ: The unique advantages of Niwaki Tripod Ladders, then WATCH: Shear sharpening with Jake

Here in the environs of Niwaki HQ, the sun and rain have conspired to send our gardens and hedgerows into overdrive, presenting the perfect excuse to dust off our Niwaki Original Tripod Ladders (Ha! As if we’d let them get dusty!), don our favourite, weather-beaten Niwaki Canvas Cap, sharpen our trusty Niwaki Garden Shears and enter the fray.

We get so used to working with the Niwaki Original and En-Pro Adjustable Tripod ladders that we sometimes forget what it was like in the dark ages of ordinary, A-frame and leaning ladders. Traditional ladders were a by-word for imminent disaster. Sit-coms and cartoons of the late 20th Century were full of mishaps involving hapless heroes and heroines comically wobbling their way towards A&E (that’s ER for our North American readers). What a different comedic cultural landscape we might have known had Niwaki Jake been born decades earlier? Makes you think.

Discussing the benefits of the tripod design with a customer at Gathering (an event held at the peerless Burford Garden Co.) the other day, we were reminded just how reassuring it is to climb a three-footed ladder for the first time and discover there is no wobble. Of course, it makes perfect sense once you try it.

2022 New Niwaki Catalogue

The 2022 Niwaki Catalogue is here!

The 2022 Niwaki Catalogue is here!

We may say this every year, but THIS year’s Niwaki catalogue really does have the finest selection of great stuff from Japan available this side of Cape Irizaki. And what’s more, it will soon be landing on doorsteps up and down the country, tantalising and enticing gardening connoisseurs with a trug-ful of tools, gear, tripod ladders, homeware and much, much more.

With over 300 different products, this year’s publication is packed tighter than a Shinjuku Line carriage at rush hour (and trust me, that’s packed). Where else will you find a Japanese Grater (p.55), the best shears money can buy (p.19), a canvas apron emblazoned with Eley Kishimoto’s iconic flash pattern (p.29) and kitchen knives (pp.54–59) so sharp they’ll make your old knives feel like something unearthed next to mammoth bones in the back of a cave? Well, there’s this website I suppose, but you can’t get your red pen out, circling what you fancy on a website can you?

Hibiya Park Tokyo by Yuri

Another Green World

Another Green World

What colour is springtime? Stepping out into the garden or the woods near Niwaki HQ in Dorset, or Hibiya Park, Tokyo (pictured - thanks Yuri!) the answer would seem to be green. Every new leaf, over-saturated with chlorophylls, is busy absorbing blue and red light, reflecting unwanted green light back to our eyes. Under the canopy of a freshly minted beech tree or the majestic candelabra of the flowering horse chestnuts, the air itself seems almost to have turned green.

The greenness of spring seems beyond doubt, so you might be surprised to learn that in Japanese, and indeed many other languages, green is not such a clearly delineated concept. In fact, the colour word most likely to be used in relation to spring in Japan is the noun “ao” 青 and its adjective “aoi” 青い, which could be translated as “fresh” or “newly grown” or “unripe” and carries with it a strong sense of blue as well as green. The kanji itself (青) originates from the Chinese word “qing” 青 which again implies “blue-green freshness”, and is used almost exclusively with naturally occurring phenomena, like the sky, grass and the ocean.

Oliver Spencer x Niwaki


Oliver Spencer x Niwaki

When Oliver Spencer, friend and customer, approached us to collaborate on a range of workwear, we jumped at it. After all, everyone loves hard-wearing canvas work trousers, especially stylish ones, and what could be more fun than speccing up a new gilet? (Golden rule of gilets: pockets, and lots of ’em!)

Niwaki ST Type Tool Box • Yellow


Zen and the Art of Land Rover Maintenance

Of all the tropes and supposed characteristics of the Japanese way of life to have lodged in the Western consciousness, few have gained more traction – cemented in our brains by a hit book and TV series – than the notion of Japan as a land of uncluttered tidiness.

A quick visit to one of the charming but somewhat chaotic blacksmith’s workshops in Niigata would soon put paid to the idea that all Japanese are up to speed with this concept. That’s not to say there isn’t an underlying sense of order in such places: the functional simplicity of the secateurs and other fine products they create arises, in part, from the craftsman’s familiarity with the materials and tools of the trade, and these must be in the right place at the right time in the right condition. But Zen-like spaces these workshops are not.

Like most people, here at Niwaki we vacillate between the two positions. On one hand we love the sight of a tidy garden shed or a freshly clipped hedge, but on the other hand, like most gardeners, we have an ever-growing stack of broken plant pots that we’re keeping just in case, and let’s not mention the disorder and confusion that has taken hold in the back of the Niwaki Land Rover.

Whatever your take on all this, if you’ve got tools you need somewhere to store them and maybe a way to transport them, and we have several stylish new solutions to these age-old problems. We can’t guarantee you’ll achieve a higher spiritual plane as you rearrange your bits and pieces, but you can at least sleep well knowing you’ll be able to lay your hands on that spare spring for your Niwaki GR Pro Clippers or your well-used Niwaki Creanmate just when you need them (assuming you can remember where you’ve put the Tool Box itself).

Available in three sizes and two colours, these fine receptacles for stuff are smart enough to keep around the home – after all, it’s not just tools that need stashing – but tough enough to keep handy in a Landy and use non-stop in a workshop.

Click any photo to inspect the range.

Blacksmith in Japan Niwaki

Alchemy in Niigata

Watch: Hand made in Japan

In amongst the madness of 2021, Soeda-san took a trip to Niigata to document a few of the craftspeople (and, in some cases, their grannies and their cats) whose expertise sets Niwaki products apart from the crowd. Gain an insight into how the raw materials are forged, hammered, sharpened and polished into finished products. It’s physical, messy, sometimes dangerous work, that, to the untrained eye, approaches a magical process. We hope you’ll agree the end results make it all worth while, and what’s more, it’s fascinating to watch.

Tokyo Ginkgo trees in early December

Tokyo Ginkgo and Etymological Musings

Tokyo Ginkgo and etymological musings

Do not adjust your monitor: what you are seeing is indeed a faithful representation of the luminance and colour of the majestic Ginkgo biloba trees in late November and early December, shot just last week by Soeda – our man with a cam in Japan.

Niwaki Showroom in the Courtyard at Chaldicott Barns Semley

Niwaki HQ Showroom and Open Days News

Dispatches from Niwaki HQ Showroom: a new location and November open days

If you’ve been down to Niwaki HQ in Semley (near Shaftesbury in Dorset) over the past few months, you’ll have quite rightly sensed that change was afoot.

Over the summer (remember summer?) our showroom closed temporarily, reappearing – on more clement days and in much reduced terms – as a pop-up shop on the back of our bright yellow, modified Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. There’s only so much you can fit on a flatbed truck – even one as stylish as ours – and although we continued to offer click and collect, it pained us to see disappointed customers who had hoped to browse the entire range.

Jake Hobson puts the finishing touches to 38 Chiltern Street, 1 year ago

Niwaki Chiltern Street, London W1 is Open!

Niwaki Chiltern Street is open!

On a clear, bright September morning, with the sun just warming the red bricks and stucco Neptune gargoyles of the handsome mansion block across the road, Niwaki Chiltern Street officially opened its doors to gardening aficionados, seekers of considered tools and accessories, denim freaks, and anyone else drawn in by the sheer elegance of its Jones Neville-crafted interior. We hope you will pay us a visit soon, if not today, to see the shop for yourself – we’re bursting with pride and can’t wait to show you around – but in the meantime, please let us whet your appetite with some information about how to find us and what to expect.

Jizo temple in Minami Osaka

Armchair Olympic travel guide

Armchair Olympic travel guide

If you were heading to Japan for the Olympics, which you’re not and neither are we for reasons too obvious and depressing to go into, we would definitely recommend mixing spectating business with gardening pleasure and taking a trip to a few of the country’s otherworldly gardens and temples.

2021 Niwaki catalogue

The 2021 catalogue is here!

The 2021 catalogue is here!

Sugoi! The 2021 Niwaki catalogue is hot off the press and winging its way to homes, greenhouses, sheds and follies across the country as you read this.

We don’t want to spoil all the fun, but you can read a little more to whet your appetite: click through to read the full story.

Topiary clipping guide instructions how to

Box Clipping: a beginner’s guide

Box Clipping: a beginner’s guide

Although aimed at beginners, seasoned old pros should find something useful here too, and at the very least enjoy tut-tutting and disagreeing, for the first rule of box clipping is there are no rules in box clipping.

The Keihanna Commemorative Park

The Keihanna Commemorative Park

The Keihanna Commemorative Park

Last October, dodging typhoons, we found ourselves in Kyoto. Enquiries were made, Kimura san, Japanese gardener and friend, obliged. Hence a day filming at the Keihanna Commemorative Park, somewhere between Kyoto and Nara.

Max Cut

Max Cut

Niwaki At Mapperton Gardens

Mapperton Gardens




We dropped in on exhibition in Tokyo by Keishi Miyahara at the Tsubaki Atelier. Prepare for moss.

Niwaki Meets Sora

Seijun Nishihata and the Sora Botanical Garden Project

The Niwaki Forged Trowel

Behind the scenes: the Niwaki Forged Trowel

Black Shed Flowers

Black Shed Flowers

Niwaki 2019

Revisiting RHS Chelsea 2019

Kiyosumi Garden

Kiyosumi Garden

Yuletide Blog

Yuletide Blog



Downtime In Tokyo

Downtime in Tokyo

Podocarpus Macrophyllus

Pottering around nurseries

Piece Hostel Sanjo

Piece Hostel Sanjo

A Little Hamlet on The Way Up

Up Mt Kongo

Up Mt Kongo

Join us as we scale the peaks of Kongo san, an unspectacular mountain in Osaka. Cable cars are acceptable.

Lunch At Rk Garden In Karuizawa

Lunch in Karuizawa

The Niwaki Stand At Chelsea Flower Show

The Niwaki Stand at Chelsea Flower Show

Build Up to The Chelsea Flower Show

Build Up to the Chelsea Flower Show

Short Film Screenings 8th May At Chelsea Physic Garden

Short Film Screenings 8th May at Chelsea Physic Garden

Bye Bye Ascot Spring Garden Show

Bye-bye Ascot Spring Garden Show

Niwaki Open House Spring Ladder Event and Short Film Screenings Fri 20th and Sat 21st April

Niwaki Open House Spring Ladder Event and Short Film Screenings Fri 20th and Sat 21st April

Lucano 1 Step

Top Drawer

The Furukawa Brothers

Back In Japan

Back In Japan

A-chan, Kan-chan and Ya-chan, the Furukawa brothers at their family nursery in Osaka, where Jake leant his stuff.

Filming Gardeners’ World

When Monty came to visit

Whole Lotta Love – one from the vaults

In a list of big excitements that have befallen me of late – including the birth of our boy Digby more than two years ago now, and Arsenal coming from behind to beat Barcelona 2-1 at the Emirates – spotting a tree might not seem that significant…

Hard At Work

This is how our Nata is made

Hampton Court Flower Show

Settling down for the summer

Jake’s Garden 3

The Niwaki Garden

Let The Clipping Begin

June: Box Clipping!

Niwaki Stand Fr77

Countdown to Chelsea Flower Show

Yuri and Lisa Hard At Work

Grand Designs Live

View From Above Kongo Ji

Cherry Blossom in Japan

Winter Pruning   Nordic Style

Winter Pine Pruning

Futoshi Yoshioka

That’s how the story goes.

Jake’s Garden

End of Year

Behold The Holm Oaks

Niwaki Tree Nursery Open Day

Cloud Pruned Cupressus

Cupressus arizonica Tamazukuri

Shobo Ji, Kyoto

My Favourite Gardens in Japan

Luke Stuart

There’s Definitely Something Cooking...

Oosumi’s Shop

Back From Japan - a tale about Mr Oosumi.

The Hole Art Centre

Hole HageSenter

Irojiten Colour Pencils

5ftInf and Beyond


Visiting Masashi Kobo

Tenri Pool

Japan Calling

Shapton Stones

Shapton Stones

Arctic Char Sashimi

Arctic Char Sashimi

Back From Grow

Back From Grow

It’s Official

It’s Official

Box Clipping Workshop

Box Clipping Workshop

Cloudy Box

Back at Glebe Cottage

Back at Glebe Cottage

Two words. Carol Klein.

British Best Gardens

British Best Gardens

Ryoan Ji


Using The Feather Stainless Steel De Razor

Using the Feather Stainless Steel DE razor



Niwaki In Norway

Niwaki in Norway

Tetsuhiro Kitchen Knives 1

Tetsuhiro Kitchen Knives

Niwaki Brochure Preview

Sneak Preview

Japanese Food Workshop

Japanese Food Workshop

Fan Cut Aubergine 4

Fan Cut Aubergine

Tree Trip to Japan

Tree Trip to Japan

Pine Pruning 2

Pine Pruning

Masashi Kobo

Ooh la la

Les Vignobles De Bergerac

Bergerac Vineyards

Warner Tree Management 1

Warner Tree Management

Bamboo Pruning: Red & Purple

Bamboo Pruning: Red & Purple


A field, somewhere.

Dai Sugi In Dorset

Dai Sugi in Dorset

Tokyo Disney Land View

Tokyo Disney Land

Aerial Clutter   Sugi

Aerial Clutter

Niwaki Open Day

Niwaki Open Day

Mr Iwaksaki

The Iwasaki Workshop

Pine Pruning At Nanshu Ji 1

Pine Pruning at Nanshu-ji

Japanese Plane

Filming at the Wabi Sabi workshops

Chiyoda’s Silliest Pine 1

Chiyoda’s Silliest Pine

Tombo Colour Pencils

Tombow Colour Pencils

Mizuma Dera Cherry Bllssom

Mizuma dera

Nanten En Onsen Pine

Nanten-en Onsen

Tumblr Image

Mazda, Honda, Daihatsu

Not Bad For The Loos

Not bad for the loos.

Dai Sugi 2

Rather Fine Dai Sugi

Tondabayashi 1


Marqueysaac Revisted   In The Mist

Marqueyssac Revisted - in the mist

Japanese Zen Gardens: A Review

Japanese Zen Gardens: a review

Holly Pruning 3

Plans for the weekend?

A Chan

The Story Behind the Niwaki Tripod Ladder

Monkaburi Pine 1

Pine branches - straight or bendy.

Rootballing A Japanese White Pine 1

Rootballing a Japanese White Pine


Hardcore Tree Pruning, Japan - where else?

Men In Trees

Men in Trees

Where It All Began

Where it all began

Japanese Tree Pruning

Japanese Tree Pruning


Now and Then

Happy Christmas



Everyone loves Komomaki - but do they work?

Lather Up!

Lather Up!

Which Secateurs?

Which Secateurs?

Pasties with The Mann

Pasties with the Mann

May or November?

Not in the Brochure One or two things didn’t make it into...

Fields, tree pruning, Landrovers, dogs. Much more fun than a day...

It’s here!

Clipped Cupressus

Thoughts on Cupressus Clipping

Phillyrea Latifolia 1

Phillyrea Latifolia - not for the first time

Josh’s Legs (And A Nata)

Josh’s Legs (and a Nata)

Steph’s Legs (And A Spade)

Steph’s Legs (and a spade)

Goyling 2


Job Done

Job Done

Okatsune Shears

Lull before the storm

Tim’s Legs

Tim’s Legs

2014 Teaser

2014 Teaser

2015: The End of The Defender

2015: the end of the Defender

Heads Up

Heads Up - 2014 brochure



Cloudy Box In The Big Smoke 1

Cloudy Box in the Big Smoke

It’s Been A Good September

It’s been a good September

Trees In The Middle of Fields

Trees in the Middle of Fields - on the Way to Veddw

Blobby Box and Cloudy Yew

Blobby Box and Cloudy Yew



Pont Du Gard Olives

Come Back, Sun

Atop A 10 Footer

Atop a 10 footer

Shapton Glass Series Whetstones

Shapton Glass Series Whetstones

Niwaki Photoshoot

Niwaki Photo Shoot

Plane Avenue

If you could be a row of trees, what would you rather be?

Cloud Pruned Ilex Opaca

Cloud Pruned ilex opaca

Sakonnet Garden

Sakonnet Garden

Organic Topiary

Organic Topiary

Cloudy Box

In the thick of it

Volvo Truck

Hole Artcenter, Norway

Box Clipping

Box Clipping

Whichford Pottery

Whichford Pottery

Niwaki Do Hankies 2

Niwaki Do Hankies

Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

Here We Build Round The Mulberry Tree

Here We Build Round The Mulberry Tree

Niwaki Crayons!

Niwaki Crayons!

2 Trees

Greek Silhouettes

Aleppo Pines

A Few days in Greece

Grubbing Out An Orchard

This is what they mean by grubbing out an orchard

Beech Circle

Beech Circle

Exmoor Hedge 1

Exmoor Hedge

Irish Yew Explosion!

Exploding Irish Yew!

Cloud Pruned Box

Finger Lickin’

Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer landscapes at Von Ehren Nursery

Teruko and Will

NIfty Knifework in the Niwaki Kitchen

Back of A Van

Back of a van

Japanese Garden

Just near the revolving sushi restaurant Kurazushi

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji in the snow

Middle Chinnock Yew

Something for the weekend

Yew Wood

The Yew Wood

Hillside Nursery In Japan

Japanese Hillside Nursey

Beech and Yew Hedge 1

Nice Beech/Yew combo

Pine and Palm

Pines and Palms

Monk’s Garden

Squeezing more from our autumnal exploration of Nara

3 Tripod Ladders

3 x 3 = 9

Nara Garden

Drive By Garden Appreciation

Arashiyama 3

Happy Christmas - from Arashiyama

Jake Hobson Pruning

Voulez-vous prunez avec moi, ce soir?

Monks Garden Nara1

Evening Sun

Corsham Court Yew Landrover

Obsessions: Big Hedges and Landrovers

Roots and Rocks

Roots n Rocks


Yet more from Taimadera (Taimadera pt 3)

Taimadera 3

Taimadera pt 2


Taimadera, pt 1


Somewhere in Nara


Gio-ji Temple, Kyoto

Niwaki Brochure Cover

Niwaki 2013 Brochure - Typo Quizz

Long Pine Branch

Japanese Gardens

Red Tree

Back from Japan

Ash Tree

Chalara fraxinea

Hole Artcenter

The Hole Artcenter, Norway

Coppiced Lime

Westonbirt Arboretum Limes

Box Blobs

Cloud Pruned Box Through Hipstamatic Eyes

Portugese Laurels

Prunus lusitanica fungi

Cloud Pruned Bay

If it clips, clip it.

Green Finger

Green Finger

Cosmic Slop

Cosmic Slop

Box Blobs

The Return of the Blob

Cloud Hedging

In between the showers...

Cloud Pruned Box

Another Day, Another Dollop of Organic Topiary

Jake Hobson Pruning

Cottesbrooke Gardeners’ Fair


Niwaki meets Toast

Box Blobs

Blobs, Puddings, or Mushrooms-Without-Stalks?

Pleached Limes 2

Back To Belgium

Niwaki Conran

Niwaki Meets the Conran Shop



Multi Stemmed Olives

Viva Las Vegas

Tobisho Shears

Happy Customer?

Irish Yew

Irish Yews


Weather on the A30

Old Beech

Remnants of a beech hedge

Phillyrea 5

Their Time Was Up

Bay Trees

The First Clip


Bed Time Taxonomy

Open For Business

Open For Business


Yeovil Schmovil - but not this time.

Truck Crane

A good load

Car Boot

Hedge Laying Competition

Japanese Red Pine Gardener

Red Pine Pruning at the Furukawa Nursery

Spiral Yew

What the?

Hornbeam Hedge?

Horny? Blimey!

Beech Hedge

Beech woods in the middle of a hedge

Niwaki Shop

Now Hiring