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Niwaki Showroom in the Courtyard at Chaldicott Barns Semley

Niwaki HQ Showroom and Open Days News

Dispatches from Niwaki HQ Showroom: a new location and November open days

If you’ve been down to Niwaki HQ in Semley (near Shaftesbury in Dorset) over the past few months, you’ll have quite rightly sensed that change was afoot.

Over the summer (remember summer?) our showroom closed temporarily, reappearing – on more clement days and in much reduced terms – as a pop-up shop on the back of our bright yellow, modified Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. There’s only so much you can fit on a flatbed truck – even one as stylish as ours – and although we continued to offer click and collect, it pained us to see disappointed customers who had hoped to browse the entire range.

Jake Hobson puts the finishing touches to 38 Chiltern Street

Niwaki Chiltern Street, London W1 is Open!

Niwaki Chiltern Street is open!

11:00 on the 21 September 2021, and the long wait is over. On this clear, bright, autumn morning, with the sun just warming the red bricks and stucco Neptune gargoyles of the handsome mansion block across the road, Niwaki Chiltern Street officially opened its doors to gardening aficionados, seekers of considered tools and accessories, denim freaks, and anyone else drawn in by sheer elegance of the Jones Neville-crafted wood, glass and felt interior. We hope you will pay us a visit soon, if not today, to see the shop for yourself – we’re bursting with pride and can’t wait to show you around – but in the meantime, please let us whet your appetite with some information about how to find us and what to expect.

Minori in front of Niwaki Kagurazaka Tokyo

Niwaki Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Great stuff from Japan, in Japan

Sitting here at Niwaki HQ, Dorset, it’s sometimes easy to forget that our products begin their lives on the other side of the world.

Your favourite Moku Trowel found its shape in the hands of a father and son team in Niigata, and the Niwaki Blue Steel Higonokami Folding Knife you secretly covet couldn’t have been made anywhere but Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, since its 5th generation knife makers are the only remaining team who can use the protected name ‘Higonokami’ for their product

Jizo temple in Minami Osaka

Armchair Olympic travel guide

Armchair Olympic travel guide

If you were heading to Japan for the Olympics, which you’re not and neither are we for reasons too obvious and depressing to go into, we would definitely recommend mixing spectating business with gardening pleasure and taking a trip to a few of the country’s otherworldly gardens and temples.

2021 Niwaki catalogue

The 2021 catalogue is here!

The 2021 catalogue is here!

Sugoi! The 2021 Niwaki catalogue is hot off the press and winging its way to homes, greenhouses, sheds and follies across the country as you read this.

We don’t want to spoil all the fun, but you can read a little more to whet your appetite: click through to read the full story.


Box Clipping: a beginner’s guide

Box Clipping: a beginner’s guide

Although aimed at beginners, seasoned old pros should find something useful here too, and at the very least enjoy tut-tutting and disagreeing, for the first rule of box clipping is there are no rules in box clipping.

The Keihanna Commemorative Park

The Keihanna Commemorative Park

The Keihanna Commemorative Park

Last October, dodging typhoons, we found ourselves in Kyoto. Enquiries were made, Kimura san, Japanese gardener and friend, obliged. Hence a day filming at the Keihanna Commemorative Park, somewhere between Kyoto and Nara.

Max Cut

Max Cut

Niwaki At Mapperton Gardens

Mapperton Gardens

A Day with @domushortus

A day with @domushortus




We dropped in on exhibition in Tokyo by Keishi Miyahara at the Tsubaki Atelier. Prepare for moss.

Niwaki Meets Sora

Seijun Nishihata and the Sora Botanical Garden Project

The Niwaki Stories

Once, before Instagram, there was a thing called a blog. Now, we all have to try harder.

The Niwaki Forged Trowel

Behind the scenes: the Niwaki Forged Trowel

Black Shed Flowers

Black Shed Flowers

Niwaki 2019

Revisiting RHS Chelsea 2019




Reiwa here we come!

Kiyosumi Garden

Kiyosumi Garden

Yuletide Blog

Yuletide Blog



Downtime In Tokyo

Downtime in Tokyo

Podocarpus Macrophyllus

Pottering around nurseries

Piece Hostel Sanjo

Piece Hostel Sanjo

A Little Hamlet on The Way Up

Up Mt Kongo

Up Mt Kongo

Join us as we scale the peaks of Kongo san, an unspectacular mountain in Osaka. Cable cars are acceptable.

Lunch At Rk Garden In Karuizawa

Lunch in Karuizawa

The Niwaki Stand At Chelsea Flower Show

The Niwaki Stand at Chelsea Flower Show

Build Up to The Chelsea Flower Show

Build Up to the Chelsea Flower Show

Short Film Screenings 8th May At Chelsea Physic Garden

Short Film Screenings 8th May at Chelsea Physic Garden

Bye Bye Ascot Spring Garden Show

Bye-bye Ascot Spring Garden Show

Niwaki Open House Spring Ladder Event and Short Film Screenings Fri 20th and Sat 21st April

Niwaki Open House Spring Ladder Event and Short Film Screenings Fri 20th and Sat 21st April

Lucano 1 Step

Top Drawer

The Furukawa Brothers

Back In Japan

Back In Japan

A-chan, Kan-chan and Ya-chan, the Furukawa brothers at their family nursery in Osaka, where Jake leant his stuff.

Filming Gardeners’ World

When Monty came to visit

Whole Lotta Love – one from the vaults

In a list of big excitements that have befallen me of late – including the birth of our boy Digby more than two years ago now, and Arsenal coming from behind to beat Barcelona 2-1 at the Emirates – spotting a tree might not seem that significant…

Hard At Work

This is how our Nata is made

Hampton Court Flower Show

Settling down for the summer

Jake’s Garden 3

The Niwaki Garden

Let The Clipping Begin

June: Box Clipping!

Niwaki Stand Fr77

Countdown to Chelsea Flower Show

Yuri and Lisa Hard At Work

Grand Designs Live

View From Above Kongo Ji

Cherry Blossom in Japan

Winter Pruning   Nordic Style

Winter Pine Pruning

Futoshi Yoshioka

That’s how the story goes.

Jake’s Garden

End of Year

Behold The Holm Oaks

Niwaki Tree Nursery Open Day

Golden Spades

Golden Spades

Cloud Pruned Cupressus

Cupressus arizonica Tamazukuri

Shobo Ji, Kyoto

My Favourite Gardens in Japan

Luke Stuart

There’s Definitely Something Cooking...

Oosumi’s Shop

Back From Japan - a tale about Mr Oosumi.

The Hole Art Centre

Hole HageSenter

Irojiten Colour Pencils

5ftInf and Beyond


Visiting Masashi Kobo

Tenri Pool

Japan Calling

Shapton Stones

Shapton Stones

Arctic Char Sashimi

Arctic Char Sashimi

Back From Grow

Back From Grow

It’s Official

It’s Official

Box Clipping Workshop

Box Clipping Workshop

Cloudy Box

Back at Glebe Cottage

Back at Glebe Cottage

Two words. Carol Klein.

British Best Gardens

British Best Gardens

Ryoan Ji


Using The Feather Stainless Steel De Razor

Using the Feather Stainless Steel DE razor



Niwaki In Norway

Niwaki in Norway

Tetsuhiro Kitchen Knives 1

Tetsuhiro Kitchen Knives

Niwaki Brochure Preview

Sneak Preview

Japanese Food Workshop

Japanese Food Workshop

Fan Cut Aubergine 4

Fan Cut Aubergine

Tree Trip to Japan

Tree Trip to Japan

Pine Pruning 2

Pine Pruning

Masashi Kobo

Ooh la la

Les Vignobles De Bergerac

Bergerac Vineyards

Warner Tree Management 1

Warner Tree Management

Training A Yew   A Short Film

Training a Yew - a short film.

Bamboo Pruning: Red & Purple

Bamboo Pruning: Red & Purple


A field, somewhere.

Dai Sugi In Dorset

Dai Sugi in Dorset

Tokyo Disney Land View

Tokyo Disney Land

Aerial Clutter   Sugi

Aerial Clutter

Niwaki Open Day

Niwaki Open Day

Mr Iwaksaki

The Iwasaki Workshop

Pine Pruning At Nanshu Ji 1

Pine Pruning at Nanshu-ji

Japanese Plane

Filming at the Wabi Sabi workshops

Chiyoda’s Silliest Pine 1

Chiyoda’s Silliest Pine

Tombo Colour Pencils

Tombow Colour Pencils

Mizuma Dera Cherry Bllssom

Mizuma dera

Nanten En Onsen Pine

Nanten-en Onsen

Tumblr Image

Mazda, Honda, Daihatsu

Not Bad For The Loos

Not bad for the loos.

Dai Sugi 2

Rather Fine Dai Sugi

Tondabayashi 1


Marqueysaac Revisted   In The Mist

Marqueyssac Revisted - in the mist

Japanese Zen Gardens: A Review

Japanese Zen Gardens: a review

Holly Pruning 3

Plans for the weekend?

Real Box

Fake Box, Real Box

A Chan

The Story Behind the Niwaki Tripod Ladder

Monkaburi Pine 1

Pine branches - straight or bendy.

Rootballing A Japanese White Pine 1

Rootballing a Japanese White Pine


Hardcore Tree Pruning, Japan - where else?

Read All About It

Read All About It

Men In Trees

Men in Trees

Where It All Began

Where it all began

Japanese Tree Pruning

Japanese Tree Pruning


Now and Then


From the Niwaki vaults

Happy Christmas



Everyone loves Komomaki - but do they work?

Lather Up!

Lather Up!



Alan Titchmarsh: A Cut Above

Alan Titchmarsh: a cut above

Which Secateurs?

Which Secateurs?

Pasties with The Mann

Pasties with the Mann

May or November?

Not in the Brochure One or two things didn’t make it into...

Fields, tree pruning, Landrovers, dogs. Much more fun than a day...

It’s here!

Clipped Cupressus

Thoughts on Cupressus Clipping

Phillyrea Latifolia 1

Phillyrea Latifolia - not for the first time

Josh’s Legs (And A Nata)

Josh’s Legs (and a Nata)

Steph’s Legs (And A Spade)

Steph’s Legs (and a spade)

Goyling 2


Job Done

Job Done

Okatsune Shears

Lull before the storm

Tim’s Legs

Tim’s Legs

2014 Teaser

2014 Teaser

2015: The End of The Defender

2015: the end of the Defender

Heads Up

Heads Up - 2014 brochure



Cloudy Box In The Big Smoke 1

Cloudy Box in the Big Smoke

It’s Been A Good September

It’s been a good September

Trees In The Middle of Fields

Trees in the Middle of Fields - on the Way to Veddw

Blobby Box and Cloudy Yew

Blobby Box and Cloudy Yew



Pont Du Gard Olives

Come Back, Sun

Atop A 10 Footer

Atop a 10 footer

Shapton Glass Series Whetstones

Shapton Glass Series Whetstones

Niwaki Photoshoot

Niwaki Photo Shoot

Plane Avenue

If you could be a row of trees, what would you rather be?

Cloud Pruned Ilex Opaca

Cloud Pruned ilex opaca

Sakonnet Garden

Sakonnet Garden

Organic Topiary

Organic Topiary

Cloudy Box

In the thick of it

Volvo Truck

Hole Artcenter, Norway

Box Clipping

Box Clipping

Whichford Pottery

Whichford Pottery

Niwaki Do Hankies 2

Niwaki Do Hankies

Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only

Here We Build Round The Mulberry Tree

Here We Build Round The Mulberry Tree

Niwaki Crayons!

Niwaki Crayons!

2 Trees

Greek Silhouettes

Aleppo Pines

A Few days in Greece

Grubbing Out An Orchard

This is what they mean by grubbing out an orchard

Beech Circle

Beech Circle

Exmoor Hedge 1

Exmoor Hedge

Irish Yew Explosion!

Exploding Irish Yew!

Cloud Pruned Box

Finger Lickin’

Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer landscapes at Von Ehren Nursery

Teruko and Will

NIfty Knifework in the Niwaki Kitchen

Back of A Van

Back of a van

Japanese Garden

Just near the revolving sushi restaurant Kurazushi

Tripod Ladders

Tripod Ladders in the US

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji in the snow

Middle Chinnock Yew

Something for the weekend

Yew Wood

The Yew Wood

Hillside Nursery In Japan

Japanese Hillside Nursey

Baby Jake

CBeebies: the tree pruner’s bible

Beech and Yew Hedge 1

Nice Beech/Yew combo

Pine and Palm

Pines and Palms

Monk’s Garden

Squeezing more from our autumnal exploration of Nara

3 Tripod Ladders

3 x 3 = 9

Nara Garden

Drive By Garden Appreciation

Arashiyama 3

Happy Christmas - from Arashiyama

Jake Hobson Pruning

Voulez-vous prunez avec moi, ce soir?

Monks Garden Nara1

Evening Sun

Corsham Court Yew Landrover

Obsessions: Big Hedges and Landrovers

Roots and Rocks

Roots n Rocks


Yet more from Taimadera (Taimadera pt 3)

Taimadera 3

Taimadera pt 2


Taimadera, pt 1


Somewhere in Nara


Gio-ji Temple, Kyoto

Niwaki Brochure Cover

Niwaki 2013 Brochure - Typo Quizz

Long Pine Branch

Japanese Gardens

Red Tree

Back from Japan

Ash Tree

Chalara fraxinea

Hole Artcenter

The Hole Artcenter, Norway

Coppiced Lime

Westonbirt Arboretum Limes

Box Blobs

Cloud Pruned Box Through Hipstamatic Eyes

Portugese Laurels

Prunus lusitanica fungi

Cloud Pruned Bay

If it clips, clip it.

Green Finger

Green Finger

Cosmic Slop

Cosmic Slop

Box Blobs

The Return of the Blob

Cloud Hedging

In between the showers...

Cloud Pruned Box

Another Day, Another Dollop of Organic Topiary

Jake Hobson Pruning

Cottesbrooke Gardeners’ Fair


Niwaki meets Toast

Box Blobs

Blobs, Puddings, or Mushrooms-Without-Stalks?

Pleached Limes 2

Back To Belgium

Niwaki Conran

Niwaki Meets the Conran Shop



Multi Stemmed Olives

Viva Las Vegas

Tobisho Shears

Happy Customer?

Irish Yew

Irish Yews


Weather on the A30

Old Beech

Remnants of a beech hedge

Phillyrea 5

Their Time Was Up

Bay Trees

The First Clip


Bed Time Taxonomy

Open For Business

Open For Business


Yeovil Schmovil - but not this time.

Truck Crane

A good load

Car Boot

Hedge Laying Competition

Japanese Red Pine Gardener

Red Pine Pruning at the Furukawa Nursery

Spiral Yew

What the?

Hornbeam Hedge?

Horny? Blimey!



Beech Hedge

Beech woods in the middle of a hedge

Niwaki Shop

Now Hiring

Dai Sugi

Dai Sugi

Juniper Niwaki

Happy Christmas