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Using The Feather Stainless Steel De Razor

29 December 2014

Using the Feather Stainless Steel DE razor

Part of my responsibilities, as Big Cheese at Niwaki, involves constant product testing. It’s hard work, believe me. Recently I took it upon myself to get to grips with the Feather DE Stainles Steel razor - and boy, what fun it’s been. The trouble with DE razors is that nothing goes wrong with them, and apart from a new blade every so often, they tend to go and on. I’ve had an old Merkur knocking about for ages, but I fear now that it’s not going to see much action - the Feather is nicer to use, has a better cutting angle (for me) and is absolutely gorgeous to behold. I find it deals with the tricky bits better, too (in particular the bit below my lip but above my chin - I wonder what that’s called). I use a Bluebeard’s Revenge Brush and currently a tube of Oak Moss Musco Real (is there anything more manly than Oak Moss? I suspect not.)