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Filming Gardeners’ World

25 August 2017

When Monty came to visit

Much excitement when Monty Don came over to film for Gardeners’ World a couple of weeks ago. Monty and Jake spent the day cloud pruning Phillyrea latifoila, discussing the merits of various alternatives to box, swapping sharpening tips, and having a good old rummage through Jake’s Japanese shear collection.
Here you see us discussing the space between the branches - the negative space - and how important it is. Will reckons the Japanese have a word for it, ma, the space between things - although it’s not specifically for trees!
You have to imagine that Monty is holding a pair of shears at this point.

Monty and Jake Discussing The Finer Points of Ma
Where Better to Discuss Sharpening Than The Back of A Landrover?
Hard Graft