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B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki

B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki limited edition bags

As you might have noticed, we do enjoy the challenge of a collaboration, especially with a retailer as influential as B:MING by BEAMS. It’s always exciting to get an outsider’s perspectives on our products and processes, and the results are always worth the time and effort required to make it come alive. Without further ado, Niwaki is delighted to announce the release of two remixed Niwaki staples: the Kantan Bag and Daikon Tote.

Yuri Kimura, our right hand woman in Japan, sheds some light on the process that lead us to this point:

“The seeds of this project were planted back in 2022 with a first meeting at Interior Lifestyle Show, Tokyo (and we’re coming back in June this year – come and say hello if you can).”

“The Niwaki story – an Englishman comes to Japan, learns Japanese pruning and in the process discovers the high quality tools that make it all possible – really appealed to our collaborators, who in turn were able to bring their deep understanding of Japanese lifestyle trends to the project.”

“After several rounds of meetings, sampling and testing (we wanted to get every detail just right), our remixed bags are finally ready for release!"

“There are several notable changes from the original versions of these bags, most obviously the deep forest green canvas of the Daikon Totes and light Nezumi grey canvas for the Kantan Bags. We’ve made a feature of the synthetic canvas bases, moving them to the outside of the bags, and tweaked the way the straps work, shortening the Daikon’s longer strap and adding a buckle to the Kantan’s strap so you can keep it open even when fully loaded. Signature Niwaki red piping and the classic Niwaki ‘hanko’ label add finishing touches.”

Great job Yuri, don’t you think? These limited edition bags are available to purchase only at selected B:MING by BEAMS stores in Japan, and in very limited quantities at Niwaki Chiltern Street, London.

Niwaki Japan showroom, in Aoyama, Tokyo, is currently open by appointment only. Get in touch with Yuri if you would like visit:

B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki
Kantan comparison

The original Kantan Bag (brown canvas) and the B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki Kantan Bag (light grey), side by side. B:MING by BEAMS added a suede effect base to the bottom of the bag and a buckle to the adjustable strap, so you can choose to keep the mouth of the bag wide open, even when fully loaded.

Deadly in the back of a Land Rover … or a kei-jidōsha (mini car, popular in Japan).

A shorter handle and a new colour way for the Niwaki Daikon Tote. Both the original and the limited edition remix can swallow more than a few Daikon, baguettes or whatever other longer objects you need to lug about with you.

My original brown canvas bag (left) has been carting a laptop, several hardback books, sketch pad, cables and all sorts of other bits and pieces back and forth from Niwaki HQ for a couple of years now and I could not live without it: a true bag for life.

Daikon comparison
B-MING by BEAMS Daikonn Tote and Kantan Bag-9
B-MING by BEAMS Daikonn Tote and Kantan Bag-11

Aki demonstrates the importance of having your hands free for important jobs like counting your change and eating ice cream.

Sarah rummages through a Kantan to show how its flat-bottom design encourages easy inspection of contents.

Note the shorter strap on the B:MING by BEAMS x Niwaki Daikon Tote, not to mention that tasty colourway.

B-MING by BEAMS Daikonn Tote and Kantan Bag-5
B-MING by BEAMS Daikonn Tote and Kantan Bag-13
B-MING by BEAMS Daikonn Tote and Kantan Bag-17
B-MING by BEAMS Daikonn Tote and Kantan Bag-15

Lucie couldn’t choose between the two and insisted on carrying both. Sorry Lucie – we don’t have enough to spare!

There’s no need to feel left out:

Can’t make it to Japan or Chiltern Street but like what you see? We have a few other choices for online and in-store purchase.