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Plans for the weekend?

Doing a quick shop at the supermarket yesterday morning, the friendly lady at the till asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I decided it was none of her business that we were taking the boy to a birthday party, and I also reasoned that she’d be unimpressed by the plans I had in store for an overgrown holly tree at the back of the garden, so nodding to the 6 bottles of cheap pinot she’d just scanned, I mumbled something about getting drunk, and made my escape.
What next? I’d originally planned to keep the height, and train the side branches at the top down, but think I may just chop it about half way up and make a lower, roundish head. That will have to wait until the next day of nice weather though.
Now we just need to persuade our neighbours to do something about their large conifer. Maybe that’s what the pinot is for....

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