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The Furukawa Brothers

2 November 2017

Back In Japan

October saw a quick trip to Japan, and a visit and catch up with the Furukawa family at Furukawa Teijuen. It rained! It never rains in Japan in October, that’s what we told ourselves as we packed our lightweight, end of summer clothes. How wrong we were. The Furukawa brothers, A chan, Kan chan and Ya chan, however, were on fine form. More of the trip to follow...
A chan is the eldest of the Furukawa brother. He never says much, but boy, can he dig. I remember how he’d tear through rootballing, non stop, all day, faster than his brothers, and twice as fast as me.
Kan chan is the middle brother - I remember him as being, of three really rather quiet men, the most chatty.

Furukawa Brothers / Niwaki Caps
Furukawa Brothers In The Rain
A Chan
Kan Chan