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2022 New Niwaki Catalogue

Niwaki Catalogue 2022

The 2022 Niwaki catalogue is here!

We may say this every year, but THIS year’s Niwaki catalogue really does have the finest selection of great stuff from Japan available this side of Cape Irizaki. And what’s more, it will soon be landing on doorsteps up and down the country, tantalising and enticing gardening connoisseurs with a trug-ful of tools, gear, tripod ladders, homeware and much, much more.

With over 300 different products, this year’s publication is packed tighter than a Shinjuku Line carriage at rush hour (and trust me, that’s packed). Where else will you find a Japanese Grater (p.55), the best shears money can buy (p.19), a canvas apron emblazoned with Eley Kishimoto’s iconic flash pattern (p.29) and kitchen knives (pp.54–59) so sharp they’ll make your old knives feel like something unearthed next to mammoth bones in the back of a cave? Well, there’s this website I suppose, but you can’t get your red pen out, circling what you fancy on a website can you?

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Niwaki Tripod Ladders

Niwaki Tripod Ladders

See the full range of Niwaki Tripod Ladders

The original and best. Three legs and a wide base provide incredible stability, even on slopes and steps. Perfect for hedges, topiary, fruit trees and all other garden and DIY jobs where you need to work safely at height.

Niwaki Mainichi Kitchen Scissors

4 in 1 Mainichi Kitchen Scissors come apart for easy cleaning

Weeding Hoe • Right Handed

Weeding Hoe: left-handed version also available

Niwaki GR Pro Snips

Niwaki GR Pro Snips: trim with deadly accuracy

Niwaki Apron

Niwaki Apron with reinforced pockets for pointy things

Herbaceous Sickle

Herbaceous Sickle: make short work of tall weeds

Niwaki T Type Tool Box • Yellow

Niwaki T-Type Tool Box: tool box level protection for smaller valuables

Niwaki Garden Shears

Niwaki Garden Shears: they’re best-sellers for a reason!

Niwaki Mini Kenzan Set

Re-usable Mini Kenzan Set for eco-friendly flower arrangements

Niwaki Mini Shears


Niwaki GR210 Folding Saw

Niwaki GR 210 Folding Saw

Niwaki Golden Spade Family

Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family

New! We’ve added the Golden Square Spade and the Golden Shovel to our popular, 24 carrot Golden Spade range.

Niwaki 38 Chiltern Street W1

Niwaki Chiltern Street

Visit our flagship shop at 38 Chiltern Street, London W1 (in Marylebone, a very short walk from Baker Street tube).

Niwaki HQ Showroom at Chaldicott Barns Semley


Or drop in to our showroom at Niwaki HQ in Semley on the Dorset/Wiltshire border (10 mins from the A303).

Niwaki Japan Tokyo Kagurazaka


And let’s not forget our Tokyo outpost in Kagurazaka, not far from Shinjuku (but miles from the A303).