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Winter at Niwaki 2021 events and open days


Open days, launches and shows

There’s lots going on at Niwaki this winter. Click through for more information.

Niwaki Gr Secateurs

Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs: hard-wearing and robust

Niwaki Mini

Compact and surprisingly capable

4 piece mini Kenzan three 1

Mini Kenzan, for miniature flower arrangements

Golden Spade Standard

Golden Spade: strong, sharp and surprisingly light

Niwaki Tripod Ladders   the original tripod ladders from Japan

Niwaki Tripod Ladders at Mapperton House

See the full range of Niwaki Tripod Ladders

Perfect for hedges, topiary, fruit trees and all other garden and DIY jobs where you need to work safely at height. The three legs and wide base provide incredible stability, even on slopes and steps.

Niwaki Bento oblong

Practical portage for peckish persons, in two sizes

Woolly Hat • Karashi Yellow

Japanese styling, Guernsey woollen know-how

Niwaki Mainichi Knife • Nakiri

Niwaki Mainichi Nakiri: perfect for vegetable prep

Nizyu Kano Ruckack • Goma Black

Niwaki Nizyū Kanō Rucksack in Goma Black

IMG_0882 2

Niwaki Chiltern Street, London W1 is Open!

Niwaki Chiltern Street is open!

11:00 on the 21 September 2021, and the long wait is over. On this clear, bright, autumn morning, with the sun just warming the red bricks and stucco Neptune gargoyles of the handsome mansion block across the road, Niwaki Chiltern Street officially opened its doors to gardening aficionados, seekers of considered tools and accessories, denim freaks, and anyone else drawn in by sheer elegance of the Jones Neville-crafted wood, glass and felt interior. We hope you will pay us a visit soon, if not today, to see the shop for yourself – we’re bursting with pride and can’t wait to show you around – but in the meantime, please let us whet your appetite with some information about how to find us and what to expect.

Sora Botanical Garden Project

From The Essentials Page

Niwaki Rubber Boots

Niwaki Rubber Boots

Niwaki S Type Hori Hori • Lifestyle 1

Niwaki S-Type & S-Type Mini Hori Hori

Niwaki Craft Hatchet with leather sheath

Niwaki Craft Hatchet

Niwaki Winter Gloves

Niwaki Winter Gloves