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Viva Las Vegas

Posted 7th May 2012 • ArchivePrevious PostNext Post

Just back from a great trip to Las Vegas - strictly business of course. Of notable interest were:

1. The Cuprressus sempervirens around the Bellagio pool (this is the Niwaki blog remember, so that's all you're seeing from the pool).

2. The multi-stemmed olives outside the Bellagio Hotel

3. The aleppo pines (Pinus halepensis) everywhere

 bellagio cupressus

They tied these fellas in with some kind of nylon twine, and it looked like they were due a clip pretty soon.

multi-stemmed olives

The olives were great, especially at night.

And a big old stumpy bit, sideways for some reason.

olives trunk

The aleppo pines were everywhere - on every street. They obviously do well in the desert. The odd thing about Vegas is once you get beyond the main bit the town just seems to end, with great open lots that are basically desert, wiaitng for a new hotel or mall, and then mountains beyond.



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