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Cosmic Slop

Posted 22nd July 2012 • ArchivePrevious PostNext Post

Today was hot, at last, so we spent the afternoon in the garden, but were forced inside by a terrible pong. Guessing it was muck spreading (but not stopping to question the irregular seasonality of it) we cursed the farmer for ruining our hot day - until I discovered the COSMIC SLOP (ingredients below) lurking in an open dustbin.

Months ago, before it started raining, I mowed the lawn, but never got round to dealing with the cuttings, leaving them instead in an old bin that I take to the dump. Then the rains came, and it filled up. Then it festered. Then, it warmed up...and created the kind of smell scientists would be proud of.

What to do? A bin-full of slop, hosting who knows what sort of wildlife, feet away from the house? We dragged it as far away from the house as possible (this is a town house remember, so not that far) and emptied it out, in the hope that it might dry out, and at least the smell might go over to the neighbours.

The slop:
cosmic slop 


Ingredients: grass cuttings, rain water, heat.

Mix the grass cuttings with plenty of rain water, set aside for 8 weeks. Heat gently until cosmic.

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