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Box Clipping

Posted 4th June 2013 • ArchivePrevious PostNext Post

People like to say that Derby Day (Epsom, not Kentucky) is the day to clip box, or at least the green light to get started. Derby Day was Saturday (Ruler of the World, 7-1, by a length and a half, in case you missed it - I did) so one ought, in theory, to be hard a-clipping by now, on these nice long evenings. Given the late start this year, though, there certainly isn't any rush.

I started a few weeks ago - much too early in theory, but fine if, like my Mum, there's a garden visit of 15 expectant Germans bearing down on you. The only trouble with too early is I know I'll be doing it again, soon.

What about too late? I'm not sure there is a too late, although bright sun, that dreaded side effect of summer, can scorch freshly cut box. 

Below is some box we planted 18 months ago, clipped just last week. (Note my Landrover in the background, looking more gorgeous than the box...)

Box Clipping


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