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Niwaki 2023 catalogue featuring Japanese gardening tools workwear tripod ladders and kitchen knives


With any luck, you’re currently enjoying the cheering effect of improving weather, greening hedgerows, blossom-laden trees and the odd burst of warm sun – coupled with many more usable hours in the garden.

From this morning (25.4.23), when the first copies land decorously on doormats, there’s another reason to be cheerful. Yes – the 2023 Niwaki Catalogue is here, there and everywhere, and wouldn’t you know it – it’s another bumper edition, showcasing even more great stuff from Japan!

In line with our ever-expanding inventory, you’ll discover a diverse range of new products, along with a healthy selection of tried and tested favourites.

We try never to rest on our laurels: working closely with artisan Japanese craftspeople we’re proud to present new specialist tools, like the extraordinary Yamakawa Secateurs (p.13).

We’re also excited to bring Japanese steel-working expertise to a wider audience with newly designed, more general purpose tools, like the Niwaki Daikiba Secateurs (p.13). And of course, Golden Spades, Original Tripod Ladders, Hori Horis (with a new, improved sheath) and more abound: truly, something for everyone.

Niwaki Catalogue 2023
Niwaki Hiyoke Bucket Hat and Nizyu Kano Rucksack with Kojima Japanese Denim Work Jacket

Maintaining our belief that’s there’s always room for a little dandified flair in the garden, we’ve expanded our range of stylish sun and weather protecting headgear: see p.27 for the Tsuba Caps and Hiyoke Bucket Hats. And while we’re talking clobber, please admire the Takumi Work Suits (p. 29 and elsewhere) ably modelled by model gardeners Asaco and Seiji.

If you’re planning a Golden Week getaway in Japan, or a bank holiday bash here in the UK, flick to our bag selection (p.23) for various stylish and practical carrying solutions, then turn to the Kitchen & Home section to inspect the new Niwaki Lunch Bag (p.57) which, conveniently, also keeps cans and bottles cool.

It would spoil the fun if we told you everything about the new catalogue: you’ll have to get your own copy to find out what else we have up the billowy sleeves of our Kojima Jackets (p.29).

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