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Niwaki Tripod Ladder on Gardeners World

30th March 2013 : Very excited to see our 10' Niwaki Tripod Ladder get a run out on Gardeners World last night!   Read More

Here We Build Round The Mulberry Tree

27th March 2013 : Love the way they pollard the mulberries in Athens, leaving these little fingerey extensions on top. Not sure which came first - the tree or the awning...   And check out the Series Landrover peeking out at the back! Read More

Here We Build Round The Mulberry Tree

Niwaki Crayons!

26th March 2013 : Feeling very pleased with ourselves, as we've just got in a big stash of Sakura Cray-Pas crayons, in their retro boxes.  See them here We've also got 12 packs of more Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils, so we now do 2H,H,HB,2B,4B,6B,8B, as well as the awesome Art Sets.   Read More

Niwaki Crayons!

Job Vacancy

26th March 2013 : There's a job vacancy at Niwaki HQ in Shaftesbury! We need someone for 2 (possibly three) days a week, starting soon. - Taking, processing, packing and dispatching orders. - Talking to customers on the phone and greeting visitors. - Using a computer - all the usual stuff. - Working alone. - 9:00 -… Read More

Greek Silhouettes

21st March 2013 : For your pleasure: Read More

2 trees

A Few days in Greece

19th March 2013 : We've been in Greece for the last few days - me on a pruning job in Athens; wife, child, Granny and Grandpa along for the ride. Amongst other things, I pruned a Pittosporum tobira, saw Phillyrea latifolia growing in the wild, did some guerilla pruning demonstrations on Aleppo pines in the… Read More

aleppo pines

This is what they mean by grubbing out an orchard

10th March 2013 : I've always heard the term 'grubbing out an orchard' and the other say got a chance to see it in action. The trees - apples, I guess - had been chopped to stumps, and this huge telehandler set about ripping them out like they were leeks.  Read More

grubbing out an orchard

Beech Circle

9th March 2013 : Last weekend's mosey around Exmoor revealed this rather impressive Beech circle. Wonder who planted it, and why. Read More

Beech Circle

Exmoor Hedge

5th March 2013 : Pottering around Exmoor the other day - as one does - I rediscovered the amazing beech hedges of the area. This one had been laid some time ago, and was now being thinned. I love it! Field side: Road side: Read More

Exmoor Hedge 1

Exploding Irish Yew!

3rd March 2013 : I've mentioned the problems of exploding Irish Yew before (like here: but this is one of the more extreme cases I've come across. Irish yew, if you're not in the know, is the fastigiate form of Taxus baccata. A lovely tree, that also makes… Read More

Irish Yew Explosion!

Finger Lickin'

1st March 2013 : Jake in Kentucky has sent over these great images of cloud pruned box! Read More

cloud pruned box

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