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Remnants of a beech hedge

29th March 2012 : A pruning job took me to Exmoor the other day, and passed this wonderful old bit of beech - what looks like the remnants of an old laid hedge.  Read More

old beech

Their Time Was Up

23rd March 2012 : And so it was. The last two Phillyrea latifolia on Mum's lawn were given the chop. They were taking up too much space and light, and rather than pruning and shaping Mum decided to get rid of them completely -  but rather than chopping them down, out came the trusty spade, and we dug 'em up. They… Read More

Phillyrea 1

The First Clip

16th March 2012 : Like a herd of cows let out into the fields for the first time after winter, I was let loose on a bit of clipping and shaping yesterday for the first time this year, and what fun I had. Overgrown evergreens are always fun - so much can be achieved very quickly, and then added to over the next year… Read More

bay trees

Spring Clean

15th March 2012 : Yesterday was spring cleaning day - basically the floor of my truck is my tool bag over the year, but there is in fact a bag that most of it fits in. So out it all came. An hour later, all was cleaned, oiled and sharpened, ready for battle. Back row, from left: Masamune shears, Tobisho shears, 2… Read More

Niwaki pruning kit

Bed Time Taxonomy

14th March 2012 : Conversation last night at bed time with Digby, who was three in January: me: what did Daddy do today? him: pruning. me: what was I pruning? him: Phillyrea. Clever little so-and-so, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that actually it was Arbutus, not Phillyrea (and anyway the very mention of… Read More


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