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Open For Business

29th February 2012 : Read More

open for business

Yeovil Schmovil - but not this time.

27th February 2012 : Driving through Yeovil the other day - a town not noted for it's arboreal pleasures - I passed a row of recently pollarded, and really rather fine, plane trees. I'd noticed them many times before over the years, but since I've known them this is the firt time they've had a haircut. What with the… Read More


A good load

21st February 2012 : A good load of trees ready for delivery. Osaka, last year. And what about the trays of bedding?! The biggy at the front with yellow berries is Ilex integra (dai mochi), there's a Querucs phillyreoides behind it (ubamegashi) and possibly a Myrica rubra (yamamomo) with the double trunk. Read More

truck crane

Hedge Laying Competition

14th February 2012 : Sunday saw the Blackmore Vale Hunt hedge laying competition near Yetminster. We moysed on over - well, Digby and I - to witness it, but rather than bore you with pictures of hedges being hacked to pieces, here is a competitor, a homemade wooden mallet, and a car boot. A closer look confirms that… Read More

car boot

Red Pine Pruning at the Furukawa Nursery

8th February 2012 : During our visit to Japan last autumn I dropped in on the Furukawa nursery in Kannan cho, Osaka, where I trained more than ten years ago. Furukawa grow a wide range of trees, and are well known for, amongst other things,their sequoias and olives, but it's the red pines we're here for today, Pinus… Read More

japanese red pine

Tree Patterns

1st February 2012 : Getting the house nice and warm today, I came across this bit of fire wood with an interesting pattern of some insect. Read More

tree pattern

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