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Pollarded trees...yotsuyayahoo

31st October 2010 : There's a guy in Tokyo, Andrew Deane, working on a web-based book on Japanese gardens, along with a very interesting blog on the making of his garden in Hachioji, who is worth checking out: It's a work in progress, and my initial thoughts were… Read More



30th October 2010 : Welcome to the weird world of my little brother, Barney. He's been doing this blog for almost two years and only thought to mention it me the other day. Like all true blogs it seems slightly neglected of late, but delve back into the past for some cracking stuff. Below is a self portrait. Check it… Read More

Barney Hobson

Nikon 35-70 AFD 2.8 lens on ebay

23rd October 2010 : My 35-70 lens is on ebay at the moment, ending Sunday afternoon. Lovely lens, great condition, but sits around unused. Serial No. 833574 Here are more pictures I'm also selling a Ricoh GRD - really beautiful little camera, of which for some odd reason I have two! Read More

nikon 1

0845 RANT

21st October 2010 : We've been having problems with our 0845 number recently. Well, we haven't been having problems, but the supplier has. Just not working. This happened once before, I got in a huff and swore when it next happened we'd ditch them. So this time action was called for. Unfortunately they weren't very… Read More

strimmed mares tail

Hot Stuff

21st October 2010 : My Mum came back from a garden visit to Brittany recently, and looking through her pics, this clipped box edging caught my eye. Not sure where it is, but we'll find out. The nodules are a bit gingery, don't you think. Read More

brittany garden

Pine Pruning in Hungary

14th October 2010 : A customer of ours from Hungary, Gabor, sent this pic of him pruning. We're sending him a tripod ladder, but for now he's relying on a whole stack of Niwaki books! Hungarians - are you all this crazy? Read More

Gabor pruning niwaki


10th October 2010 : we've been running an offer today, to acknowledge the nice symmetry of the date, for all our subscribed customers. An extra element was a little freebie to anyone who got their order to us online at exactly 10.10am. Ladies and gentlemen.... we have a winner. Well, two seconds early actually, but… Read More

niwaki walnut

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