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Revisiting RHS Chelsea 2019

4th August 2019 : Such is the way with flower shows, and the early summer show season in general - that they all come at once, everyone runs around at full speed, like mad, until they burn out, or make it through to something resembling a 'quiet' spell. No time is given to reflect, and enjoy, what just happened… Read More

Niwaki 2019

Top Five Gifts for the Perfect Dad This Father's Day

6th June 2019 : Father's Day is nearly upon us, and we've got our top five gifts for the man about the house - or garden, field, woodland, shed or garage for that matter. The Niwaki Tripod Ladder Three legs are better than four. The Niwaki Tripod Ladder's three legs give stability, strength and usability… Read More

Top Five Gifts for the Perfect Dad This Father's Day


30th April 2019 : I'm sure you've all heard, Crown Prince Naruhito will become the Emperor of Japan on 1st May, and his era will be the Reiwa era. Emperor Akihito abdicates on 30th April, aged eighty five. His era, the Heisei era began in 1989. He's generally considered a good egg, and always looks wonderful along… Read More

Emperor Akihito, 1990 (BBC)

Top Five Mother’s Day Presents for Gardening Mums

22nd March 2019 : Celebrate the number one person in your household this Mothering Sunday To help you along the way, we’ve come up with our top five presents for the gardening Mum. We wanted to add so many more of our gorgeous products to the list, but a 'Top 250 Mother's Day Gift' list sounded ridiculous. Here’s… Read More

Kiyosumi Garden

28th February 2019 : Tokyo never really jumps out as a must-visit for garden lovers - I've always treated it as a means to an end, a half way house en-route to Kyoto, and because of that, had never visited Kiyosumi Garden before. A warm February Sunday changed all that, and what was planned as a quick visit turned… Read More

Kiyosumi Garden

Piece Hostel Sanjo

1st February 2019 : Last year we dropped in on the Piece Hostel Sanjo in Kyoto, a youth hostel I'd heard about and had wanted to visit for a while, mostly because of its garden. If you need a budget place to stay in Kyoto, it looks great inside, and they're building a new one opposite as well. I love this… Read More

Piece Hostel Sanjo

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