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2016 Blog Posts


End of Year

31st December 2016 : There's nothing like a vicious cold and a bad back to see one through Christmas and New Year. My view these last few days has been the garden - no walks, no family visits, no shopping... not too bad really. Amazing how green a garden can look in midwinter.  Thanks a lot to everyone who's… Read More

jake's garden

Niwaki Tree Nursery Open Day

9th August 2016 : We're having an open day at the Niwaki Tree Nursery down in Dorset on Saturday 8th October - save the day. All trees are for sale. RSVP with a vague intent, and we'll send you the full address and directions. See the bumpf here: Niwaki Tree Nursery Read More

Niwaki Tree Nursery

Golden Spades

27th May 2016 : Most peculiar, we thought, when an order came through from Japan for seven Golden Spades - but now we know why... Screengrab from the Guardian Read More

Golden Spades

Cupressus arizonica Tamazukuri

19th May 2016 : Cupressus arizonca, native to....Arizona, grown in a field in Dorset, in the Japanese style. We rather like that. After 10 years of growth, along with twice yearly training and pruning, they're finally ready to go. They've all been rootballed and transplanted within the last 18 months, are approx… Read More

Cloud Pruned Cupressus

My Favourite Gardens in Japan

13th April 2016 : I’m sometimes asked, by people planning a trip to Japan, of my favourite, or recommended gardens in Japan. I always find this surprisingly difficult and often give completely different answers to different people. It varies so much, and memory and emotion play funny tricks. What’s my favourite… Read More

Shobo-ji, Kyoto.

There's Definitely Something Cooking...

21st March 2016 : the White Pepper Cookery School. It's always nice to learn about local businesses with shared interests, and when our local foodie friend Teruko Chagrin mentioned Luke Stuart's White Pepper Cookery School, we were round in a flash. It turned out that Luke, like all chefs tend to, has a… Read More

Luke Stuart

Back From Japan - a tale about Mr Oosumi.

3rd February 2016 : Fresh back from Japan, and I could post loads of beautiful garden photos, and loads of extraordinary pruning pics, but you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook for all that (see links in the INFO section). No, instead, here's a story about Mr Oosumi. I'd read about him somewhere, and had some… Read More

Oosumi Yasuhiro

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