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Niwaki Holster

28th February 2014 : We're developing a bit of a leather fetish here at Niwaki - check out these lovely new hand made holsters we've commissioned from a great leather worker in Gloucestershire. They fit the Tobisho and Okatsune Secateurs perfectly, as well as all the Snips.  They're good for lefties as well as… Read More

Niwaki Holster

Plans for the weekend?

23rd February 2014 : Doing a quick shop at the supermarket yesterday morning, the friendly lady at the till asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I decided it was none of her business that we were taking the boy to a birthday party, and I also reasoned that she'd be unimpressed by the plans I had in store for an… Read More

holly pruning 1

Fake Box, Real Box

19th February 2014 : Hmm, thought I knew where I stood on fake plants, but driving through Wilton recently, now I'm not sure! (Postscript: in case it's not clear, the first picture is fake box, and looks fantastic to me. The second picture is real box and looks miserable.)   Read More

Real Box

The Story Behind the Niwaki Tripod Ladder

11th February 2014 : The story behind our Japanese Tripod Ladders goes something like this: Jake, intrepid adventurer that he was in those days, is in Japan. Why? That's another story, hinted at here, but Japan it is, working at the Furukawa nursery in a small village called Kannan Cho, near the town of Tondabayashi… Read More


Pine branches - straight or bendy.

2nd February 2014 : Everyone loves pines, we know that, but what about these elongated branches? Dead straight or bendy? Both in Kyoto, can't remember where. Read More

monkaburi pine 1

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