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Rootballing a Japanese White Pine

29th January 2014 : Nosing around a nursery on a recent trip to Japan I came across this white pine (Pinus parviflora) being rootballed, probably for sale. It's growing in a typical village-style nursery field, basically an empty lot between houses, as a monkaburi tree, trained over the gateway. In fact it might have… Read More

Rootballing a Japanese White Pine 1

Hardcore Tree Pruning, Japan - where else?

26th January 2014 : As everyone knows, they do like a bit of pruning in Japan. These fellas are gingkos, in the car park of the Anpanman Museum. I think they were cut back for the transplanting process, and perhaps won't be regularly pruned once they're established. The hessian wrapping cuts down on transpiration… Read More


Read All About It

24th January 2014 : Ann-Marie Powell's bit in February's English Garden mag, on the glorious Golden Spade   Read More

Read All About IT

Men in Trees

22nd January 2014 : Following a few comments on FaceBook about a photo I posted (do feel free to like, follow and share our FaceBook page, by the way - it's a hoot) a photo of Japanese gardeners at work in the Adachi Museum, and comments asking where all the women were, here is another, very typical view of gardeners… Read More

Men in Trees

Goodness Gracious

14th January 2014 : Who's the lovely fella? Drop in to Niwaki HQ, snag some string, and find out! Read More

Goodness Gracious

Where it all began

10th January 2014 : This is Futoshi Yoshioka, or Yoshioka Futoshi, depending on how Japanese you are. His family business, Asuka Noen, was one of the places I worked and trained during my time in Japan, and it's people like him who inspired my obsession with pruning. You can probably see why - this is one of many… Read More

Where it all began

Japanese Tree Pruning

5th January 2014 : The term niwaki seems to be creeping in to the horticultural lexicon a bit now, with people even using it as a verb (I niwakied a yew yesterday) but it still seems misunderstood by most, rather like its euro equivalent, cloud pruning.  It translates literally as garden tree, but Niwaki, for me… Read More

Japanese Tree Pruning

Now and Then

2nd January 2014 : We were visiting our friends at Wabi Sabi near Chichester the other day, and swung by our old house out of curiosity. They'd removed the holm oak (Qurcus ilex) and the loquat (Eriobotrya japonica), but the maki (Podocarpus macrophyllus) and the (no common name that I know of, it's so unusual)… Read More


From the Niwaki vaults

1st January 2014 : HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone Some scanned photos from yesteryear, of a mediterranean bent: Gourdes, in Provence and somewhere in Tuscany Read More


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