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Taimadera pt 2

30th November 2012 : More from Taimadera: Most of the low, blobby shapes are evergreen azaleas TThe trees are things like camellias and podocarps, pruned into shape, with a backdrop of maples. Read More

Taimadera 1

Taimadera, pt 1

25th November 2012 : My brother in law, Shigenori, took me to Taimadera, a large temple complex in Nara, founded in 612. So large it might take up a few posts, as it has several gardens, as well as nice trees like this topless juniper, below. I'd never really explored Nara much before - just the city itself, but not… Read More


Somewhere in Nara

24th November 2012 : Driving around Nara prefecture, we came upon this place. Not sure what it is, but I liked the screen of (most probably, but not definitely) Quercus myrsinfolia (Japanese white oak) and the Juniperus chinensis kaizuka (Chinese juniper) in the foreground. The next picture has a typical Japanese… Read More


Gio-ji Temple, Kyoto

22nd November 2012 : Where to start, sifting through 2 weeks worth of photos from Japan? how about Kyoto! We only had one day in Kyoto, based around a mountain train ride for the lad Digby, but I managed to skive off and have a quick potter around Arashiyama, with Gio-ji in mind as the destination.  Might have… Read More


Niwaki 2013 Brochure - Typo Quizz

20th November 2012 : Very excited to announce our new 2013 brochure, out now. It's got a moody, black and white feel to it, and as always is littered with typos, discrepancies and just plain old mistakes. Feel free to point out any that we may have missed. If you're not on the mailing list, and want a copy, email and… Read More

Niwaki brochure cover

Japanese Gardens

18th November 2012 : Getting to see private gardens in Japan is pretty tricky, unless you have an introduction - there's no yellow book system of open gardens, and they're not really geared to large numbers of people anyway. What is easy though, is looking at gardens from the road. Many Japanese homes only have a… Read More

long pine branch

Back from Japan

17th November 2012 : Just made it back from Japan, laden down with new products, samples and a foul cold. Until I've waded through all the pics of amazing gardens (mostly around Nara this time) here's a picture of a red tree. Must be Vitis cognitiae or something. Looks rather striking. Read More

red tree

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