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The Big Smoke

26th April 2012 : Yesterday saw me on a train, London-bound. I'd blagged a ticket to the Hatchards Authors of the Year bash in Picadilly, so I was considerably outside my comfort zone (not just London, but drinks party). It was fun, we drank champagne, ate little things and chatted the way authors do, and - bit of… Read More


Tobisho Secateurs. OMG.

24th April 2012 : Today was lime pollarding day - just about my favourite pruning day imagainable. We have two small trees, so it's not a vast undertaking. Usually I try to get it done earlier on, berfore Christmas, because I'm a fan of  the nobbly silhouettes look rather than the shaggy… Read More

tobisho hiryu

Happy Customer?

20th April 2012 : "Because of the new tools my clients think I'm obsessive, my staff think I'm possessive, my friends think I'm square, and my wife thinks I'm boring. Thank you, thank you, thank you." No, Roland, thank YOU! Read More

tobisho hiryu secateurs

Irish Yews

18th April 2012 : Irish yews: funny old things. For starters, they're meant to all be the same, clones of the original two trees found in Northern Ireland. BUT that's clearly not the case. Yesterday I cam across a row of 6, 2 of which were completely different. They didn't have that super dark foliage, almost… Read More

irish yew

Niwaki Get With It

13th April 2012 : Calling all Facebookers and Twitterers: never ones to rush with such things, the Niwaki site is now fully connected. Spread the word! Read More

get with it

More Lethal Stuff

12th April 2012 : More lethal stuff hot in. This time it's a wicked little sickle from Okatsune, perfect for slashing and clearing. In eye-catching red. Only from Niwaki. Read More


Weather on the A30

10th April 2012 : Minutes before driving through a hail storm. Read More


New. Weird Cryptomeria Bark.

9th April 2012 : For those of a particularly Japanese bent, this is pretty exciting stuff: Strips of bark from the Cryptomeria japonica (sugi) sewn together into rolls, for protecting trunks and branches when training and supporting. Make no sense at all? We're looking for a suitable example, but until then, behold: Read More

sugi tape

Back in Stock

3rd April 2012 : It's take a while, but happy to report that (almost) everything is back in stock at last. Apologies to all those who've patiently waited - we're sending out back orders this week. Read More

back in stock

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