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What the?

30th January 2012 : Imagine you're sitting on a bench on a summer's day, when suddenly a vast drill emerges from out of the ground behind you, from the centre of the earth, forcing its way up through the trees. Imagine that this drill was not metal, as you would expect, but a YEW DRILL, and what's more, slightly… Read More

spiral yew

Horny? Blimey!

29th January 2012 : Two recent journeys in Wiltshire threw up some interesting trees - first a row of what I thought at the time were hornbeams, perhaps once a hedge but now a fine row of trees. Looking again, I think I was basing my assumption on the trunks - hornbeams have that nice fluted look - but not so sure… Read More

hornbeam hedge?


20th January 2012 : Read More


Beech woods in the middle of a hedge

9th January 2012 : I've had this pic on my computer for a few months now, and keep coming back to it. It's beech hedge. I'm not entirely sure what has happened to it, but it looks like the builders, being builders, decided to hack back one section to do a spot of building, and the plants then re-grew into this.  I… Read More

beech hedge

Now Hiring

3rd January 2012 : Niwaki are opening a new business venue in Shaftesbury (SP7) and need 2-3 days a week help, possibly growing to a full time position in May. Work will include taking and processing phone and internet sales, invoicing, packaging, loading and unloading - and there is plenty of scope for the right… Read More

niwaki shop

Dai Sugi

2nd January 2012 : Happy New Year. Hope everyone has a great 2012 It's no secret that I'm slightly obsessed with dai sugi - the weird semi-coppiced Cryptomeria they grow around Kyoto. Here, to welcome the New Year, is a little restaurant we passed while exploring temples in the hills to the south of Kyoto last… Read More

dai sugi

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