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The Rising Sun

29th July 2011 : There's a pine tree outside a pub called The Rising Sun on the A30 near Shaftesbury. I pass it quite often and always want to stop and photograph it. Last week I spent a few very pleasant evening in another Rising Sun, so yesterday, when I passed by, quite early but not THAT early in the morning… Read More

Rising Sun Pine

Weird Tools

28th July 2011 : Spent the weekend at the Art in Action fair at Waterperry near Oxford. Look at the weird tools they had in the museum (and if you ever visit, say hello to Gordon) These were double-bladed shears that supposedly cut twice as much, but apparently were useless (well, that's not quite how Gordon put… Read More

weird secateurs

Bring Back The Privet

17th July 2011 : Not sure why privet hedges are no longer planted - they seem much much better than leylandii, in virtually every way: not quite so vigorous, can be cut back hard, flower a bit and nicer looking.  Here's one in Bristol I did recently: And then I spotted these piles of grass cuttings. Read More

cloud pruned privet hedge

HC no.2

13th July 2011 : Back from Hampton Court flower show, where true to form it rained. Not all the time, but enough. Many thanks to Petra, who described our stuff as 'a tantalising array of some seriously sexy Japanese secateurs, clippers, garden scissors and… Read More

world vision

World Vision

2nd July 2011 : No, it's not a Roy Ayers song, but Sim & John's (FlemonsWarland Design) garden at Hampton Court this year, sponsored by World Vision, brought to you in a sneak preview: John (with the stubble) helped out at the Niwaki stand at Chelsea, where he came across our Tobisho shears with the curved… Read More

world vision 1

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