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Something We Don't Know

30th December 2009 : My favorite maki (Podocarpus macrophyllus) is on the road from Sabi (where Keiko's family live) to Tondabayashi. Its shape and style are interesting, but its surroundings are what I like about it- it seems like there's something we don't know, like the tree is destined for some higher purpose… Read More


Heavy Snow in Omaha, Nebraska

28th December 2009 : We've had a bit of a disaster, with exceptionally heavy snow falling on Omaha on Christmas Day and destroying the roof of the section of warehouse that our Tripod Ladders are stored in. Luckily no one was hurt, but our entire stock was destroyed and unfortunately until further notice we have no… Read More

tripod ladders

Christmas Tree

25th December 2009 : HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Here's an amazing black pine with just about the most impressive lower branch of any tree I've ever seen - all the stuff at the front seems to stem from one branch. Photo from Keith in Vancouver- thanks Keith. Always keen to see more pics like this, if anyone has any… Read More

japanese black pine

Osaka Castle

21st December 2009 : At the very end of October we met up with some of Keiko's friends, and had a picnic at Osaka Castle. I'd heard about its pine trees, but think we approached it from the wrong direction, because the ones we saw were pretty good, but not spectacular. We walked down a double avenue of these black… Read More

osaka castle

Niwaki Ambassador: Joseph Hillenmyer Associates

20th December 2009 : Hey Jo, where you going with those shears in your hand? Joseph Hillenmeyer is a busy man - landscape design, construction & maintenance in Lexington KY, a nursery, and wonderful blog. His websites speaks for itself, and luckily he seems to like our tools, saying our Niwaki Tripod Ladder is the… Read More



9th December 2009 : Korakuen in Okayama is one of the BIG THREE gardens in Japan, along with Kenrokuen and Kairakuen. I'd been through Okayama several times, but never stopped. This time we went on a day trip specifically to see the garden. Lots of pines, all recently pruned, lovely warm sunny afternoon. Read More



2nd December 2009 : Driving around near Tondabayashi last month I came across these pines being rootballed. Check out the crane in the background. In the second picture you can see the strop holding the tree in position. The black metal wrench thing they are using is to whack the rootball to get it as compacted as… Read More


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