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Through regular use, Secateurs and Topiary Clippers can work a bit loose. Tightening them is straightforward but there's a knack.

1. Loosen the hexagonal nut (it’s a locking nut, so you don’t tighten it to tighten the play of the secateurs).
2. Undo the bolt, clean the separate parts - a great opportunity to sharpen really well.
3. Rescrew the bolt, and tighten to what feels right. This is how you adjust the play, with the bolt, not the nut.
4. Put the locking nut back on.

In theory it’s easy but in practice quite tricky, as the nut can seize up - be sure not to slip and scuff it (or your knuckles) with the spanner.

If it seems too daunting, select the Sharpening Service and we'll sort them out for you.

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