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  1. Sharpening Service

Sharpening Service
Secateurs, Clippers & Shears

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Niwaki offer a sharpening service for all tools THAT WE HAVE SUPPLIED (but not the saws, sorry). The deal: you send to us - we strongly recommend a tracked service such as Recorded Delivery - we do the work, then send them back, via our courier. Depending on how busy we are, it can all happen on the same day, or can take up to a week. If we feel the blades are beyond saving, we let you know. If you SUSPECT they're beyond saving, get in touch before you send them, and we can talk about it.

What to do: Add to Order, print out the confirmation sheet and send in with your tools (one order is good for up to 2 pairs of Secateurs/Clippers/Scissors, or 1 pair of Shears). If you are ordering other stuff as well, we send it all together.

We give everything a good clean (within reason) and replace springs and bolts, if necessary, at no extra cost.


USD / Delivering to United States

Sharpening Service
  • 250g
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