Shigeki Damascus

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Classic damascus knives from Shigeki Tanaka. Shigeki uses VG-10 steel from Tafeku for his cutting edges - a hard wearing steel containing 1% molybdenum which gives it great toughness as well as cutting ability. Clad with 17 layer stainless steel damascus it holds a great edge and resists rust well, and fitted with an octagonal walnut handle it straddles the gap between Japanese and western knives nicely.

  • VG-10 steel, double edged
  • Octagonal walnut handle list

Niwaki Tip: Sharpen with Shapton stones - we use the #2000 Glass Stone as our regular.


Model Use Blade Total Length Weight
Gyuto  General 180mm 315mm 128g
Petty General/Paring 150mm 280mm 72g


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