Niwaki Pro Secateurs

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Warning! If out of stock, all the Niwaki Pro range suffer from long lead times with uncertain delivery dates. 

Hard wearing, heavy duty secateurs for all-round use in the garden. Hand forged in Hyogo, from S58C carbon steel, with a solid, chunky catch at the bottom and a robust spring, these secateurs combine great Japanese craftsmanship with tough, edge-retaining steel and a comfy grip for prolonged use.

How do they compare with Tobisho Secateurs? Same forging techniques and quality, but with a slightly heavier, tougher feel to them - at this level, it's down to small details and individual feeling. 

  • 235g (small 221g)
  • 8"/20cm (small 7.5"/19cm approx)
  • S58C Carbon Steel
  • Spare spring

Niwaki Tip: Keep them sharp with a Niwaki #1000 stone, but also keep them clean - it's so easy, and makes such a difference.

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