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Who needs a magimix when you have Japanese steel in your hands? 

George I. 

White paper shirogami steel, wrapped in a softer jigane steel, with octagonal handles. Beautifully balanced and beautifully simple Japanese kitchen knives with white paper steel blades - a popular choice for Japanese chefs, as it sharpens quickly and easily so is perfect not just for regular sharpening, but also for beginners. 

Get these for their weight and feel, if you're after a truly Japanese experience.

*NB. We're changing to Japanese Walnut for the handles - currently the Santoku and Mini Santoku are Walnut, while the Nakiri and Ajikiri are still in Rosewood.

  • Octagonal Rosewood/Walnut* Handles
  • White paper steel blades

Niwaki Tip: Hand wash and dry well - regular use is the best form of care!

Knife Use Steel Blade Bevel Total Length Weight
Santoku all rounder Shirogami #2
White Paper Steel
165mm  Double 305mm 125g
Nakiri veg Shirogami #2
White Paper Steel
165mm Double 305mm 137g
Mini Santoku all rounder Shirogami #2
White Paper Steel
120mm Double 243mm 88g
Ajikiri fish filleting Kigami
Yellow Paper Steel
105mm Single  222mm  75g
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