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Who needs a magimix when you have Japanese steel in your hands?

George I.

6 1/2" blade of white paper shirogami steel, wrapped in a softer jigane steel, and bevelled on both sides (so suitable for left and right handers.) Magnolia obovata handle with ferrule of laminated hardwood. Beautifully balanced and beautifully simple.

White paper steel is a popular choice for Japanese chefs, as it sharpens quickly and easily so is perfect not just for regular sharpening, but also for beginners.

  • Shirogami  #2 White Paper Steel
  • Magnolia handles
  • 3rd generation maker
  • Double bevelled

Niwaki Tip: Great starter knives if you're after full sized, high quality steel in a traditional design.

Knife Use Blade Length Weight
Nakiri veg   6.5" (16.5cm)  12" (30.5cm) 137g
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