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It’s easy to shorten The Big Belt in a few simple steps.

How to shorten the big belt: things you will need

First things first: decide how much shorter you want the belt to be and assemble your tools.

You will need a flathead screwdriver, a strong pair of scissors (like the Niwaki Utility Scissors, pictured) or a sharp knife, a ruler (we sell those too) and a bradawl or drill with a 4mm drill bit. Niwaki Dragonflies Hanky to keep it all together is optional.

How to shorten the big belt: undo the screw

Turn the belt over and unscrew the fixing with your flathead screwdriver, remembering the old rule adage: tighty righty, lefty loosey.

We want loosey, so it’s lefty a.k.a anti-clockwise. You might need to push against the other side of the fixing with your thumb just to stop it turning at the same time.

How to shorten the big belt: remove the buckle

Remove both pieces of the metal fixing and set them to one side. Then pull the main length of the belt away from the buckle. At the same time, slide the belt loop out of the way.

How to shorten the Niwaki Big Belt: cut to length

It’s chopping time, and the right moment to repeat another bit of shed wisdom: measure twice, cut once. The leather is quite thick (3.5mm) so make you have a good pair of scissors or a knife that is up to the job. It won’t matter if the new edge is a little bit ragged since it will be hidden in the buckle.

How to shorten the Niwaki Big Belt: make a new hole for the screw

Next, you need to make a new hole. The centre of the new hole should be 25mm from the new end of the belt, and as close to the middle (width-wise) of the belt as you can manage. An easy way to figure this out is to slide the buckle back into place and poke a pencil through the hole.

You need to make a 4mm hole, which is easily achieved with a 4mm drill bit or else a thick-ish awl/bradawl. If you are not confident doing this yourself, carefully mark where you want the hole and take your belt to a shoe repair shop.

How to shorten the Niwaki Big Belt: reassemble

Reassemble the belt, remembering to slide the belt loop back into place, and line up the holes, then screw the fixing back together (tighty righty/clockwise).

How to shorten the Niwaki Big Belt: reassembled

That’s it - you did it! Now slip on your favourite pair of trousers, shorts, skirt etc and enjoy the sort of peace of mind only safely fastened legwear can provide.