Top Five Gifts for the Perfect Dad This Father's Day

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Father's Day is nearly upon us, and we've got our top five gifts for the man about the house - or garden, field, woodland, shed or garage for that matter.

The Niwaki Tripod Ladder

Three legs are better than four. The Niwaki Tripod Ladder's three legs give stability, strength and usability, whilst it's lightweight aluminium construction makes it easy to manoeuvre around the garden. It is ideal for dads who need to prune hedges, clear the guttering, wash the caravan and much more. The 8' Original Niwaki Tripod Ladder is the ideal solution if you need to tackle hedges of up to 10', wash a caravan or use it to wallpaper indoors.

Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs

Hand forged using KA70 carbon steel in Sanjo in north western Japan, our 'double yellows' are the perfect combination of everyday usability with premium craftsmanship for a great cutting experience.

Niwaki Nata

What's a nata I hear you ask? Why, it's a traditional Japanese woodland hatchet, a bit like a billhook. It's perfect for kindling, stake sharpening and general messing about in the woods. The Niwaki Nata uses a heavyweight double bevelled blade that makes light work of logs, branches and other woody bits. 

Bakuma Ryoba

Japanese saws are works of art. They are refined craftsmanship at it's best - designed for ease of use and to deliver the perfect cut. Unlike western saws that cut on the push stroke, Japanese saws cut on the pull so there's less chance of the blade jumping, making for a cleaner/finer cut with a lot less effort. The Bakuma Ryoba has replaceable, impulse hardened blades with finer teeth for crosscutting on one side, and larger teeth for ripping along the grain on the other. It's bamboo wrapped handle gives a lovely, traditional Japanese feel in the hand.

Feather Stainless Steel DE Razor

For when the latest technology in razors becomes too much, and you want a break from turbo glide technology, how about this? Finely milled, brushed stainless steel handle and the simple double edged design is a classic that works just as a razor should do. We suggest pairing with a proper shaving brush and cream.

But why stop there when you could choose chisels, utility knives or our enormous leaf pan (it's enormous and collects garden waste.) Let us know what you get your dad this father's day on our social media channels below

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