Western Blue Paper Knife Range

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Brings pleasure to the chopping board

George I.

Beautiful, highly practical kitchen knives from Sanjo, with the weight and feel of a western-style knife but with a Japanese blade. Blue paper aogami steel, wrapped in an outer layer of stainless, is some of the finest steel around. The handle is pakka wood - resin treated, laminated hardwood.

These are a perfect choice as all-rounders for every day use, especially if you're new to Japanese knives.

  • Gyuto - all round chef's knife
  • Nakiri - veg knife
  • Aogami Blue Paper Steel blades
  • Stainless Steel cladding for protection
  • Double bevelled


Niwaki Tip: Treat your knives well and they'll repay you - hand wash, store separately and sharpen every couple of weeks with a whetstone.

Knife Use Blade Total Length Weight
Gyuto all rounder 7" (18cm) 12" (30.5cm) 136g
Nakiri veg and general use 7" (18cm) 12" (30cm) 164g
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