Tobisho A-Type Secateurs

Japanese Pruners

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Traditional A-Type style pruners from Tobisho, hand-forged from exceptionally high quality Aogami #2 Hitachi Blue Paper Steel laminated to the S45-C handles. Divine. Blue steel in secateurs is unusual -  Tobisho's standard A-types use a YCS Hitachi Steel, but we couldn't resist ordering a special batch with laminated blue steel blades. They need to be treated rather more carefully - blue steel is harder and more brittle than other steels - but it will take and hold an edge like nothing else. We couldn't resist them - nor will you. Come with Tobisho red & yellow vinyl grips - these can be removed if you prefer the more traditional look. Check carefully when buying A-Types, as the authentic, Yamagata style uses a cast handle laminated to a finer quality steel blade, rather than the easier single piece method - you'll see a thin gold band between the two steels, which is the sign of authenticity.

  • Aogami #2 Hitachi Blue Paper Steel cutting edge
  • S45-C steel body cast in the lost wax technique
  • Traditional Yamagata style of production
  • Sharpen with our Niwaki Sharpening Stones
  • Removable red and yellow vinyl grips 

Niwaki Tip: Watch out with these - as Japanese steels get better, and sharper, so they get more brittle.

Size Length Weight
Standard 8" (20cm) 250g
Large 9" (23cm)  380g
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