Masashi Kobo Polished SLD Knife Range

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Extraordinarily beautiful and remarkably sophisticated kitchen knives from this young blacksmith in Sanjo City, Niigata. Polished SLD steel blades, charred chestnut handles, resin ferrules. SLD steel from Hitachi benefits from a high carbon content that holds its edge well, is tough, easy to sharpen and maintain, and with a 12% chromium content is very nearly stainless. It's laminated to an outer cladding of SUS stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish.

Gyuto is the classic chef's knife - although Masashi makes his a tad deeper than some, more like a Santoku. Use Nakiri for veg, the deeper bladed Kamagata as a great smaller sized knife - perfect if you're uncomfortable with larger blades - and the Petty for paring and fine work.

See Masashi at work in the video clip, working on the tang of a knife.

  • Polished SLD steel clad with SUS stainless steel
  • 12% chromium content for rust-proofing
  • Charred chestnut handles
  • Double bevelled blades
  • Gyuto/Nakiri/Kamagata/Petty
Knife Use Blade Length Weight
Petty Paring 12cm 25.5cm 54g
Kamagata Paring, General Purpose 12cm    
Gyuto General Purpose 18cm 32cm 128g
Nakiri Veg 16.5cm 31cm 152g
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