Hori Hori

Japanese Trowel

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Spectacular tool, how did I ever garden without it?

Steve P

Japanese trowel, all-round weeder, bulb-planter supreme and general subterranean rummager.... the carbon steel blade runs right into the handle, so won't bend or snap. Brilliant for planting bulbs, weeding and all sorts of garden stuff - but whatever you do don't take it as carry on luggage. Comes with a rather flimsy vinyl holster, or go for the heavy duty Long Holster option for a perfect fit.

  • Carbon steel blade
  • Beech wood handle
  • approx 7" blade (17cm)
  • An extraordinary ability to very quickly become people's favourite tool in the garden

Niwaki Tip: Although considerably stronger than a regular trowel, the mighty hori hori is not completely invincible. Don't stick it in to heavy clay and yank back hard...

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