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Feather Stainless Steel DE Razor

Double Edged Razor

Engineered stainless steel - Japanese shaving at its best.

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Feather Stainless Steel DE Razor

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If you find yourself disillusioned - or downright fed up - with all the turbo glide nonsense of modern saftey razors, perhaps it's time to re-visit the tried and tested double edged razor (DE), and typically, the Japanese do it rather well. This brushed stainless steel model from Feather is a luxurious, finely engineered thing of utter beauty that will most probably outlast you, and banish all the newfangled rubbish to the back of the cupboard.

If you haven't used a DE before, fear not - go slow, but fear not. The closeness of the shave is equalled only by the sheer enjoyment you'll have, especially if you lather up with a badger-hair brush.

If you have used one before, Feather work best at quite a steep angle, and give a non-aggressive shave, especially if used with Feather Hi-Stainless blades. Comes in a display box, with a standing base and a couple of blades to get you started.

Niwaki Tip: Jake has a fondness for Musgo Real Oak Moss shaving cream.

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