Bubinga Blue Paper Knife Range

Beautiful forged kitchen knives with Aogami steel blades.

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Real beauties. Stainless steel wrapped around razor sharp Blue Carbon blades (Aogami #2) with a nashi (Japanese pear) finish. The Bubinga handle (African hardwood) is shaped in a Western style giving a familiar feel, but with a lovely Japanese balance. The stainless 'nashi' coating is irregular, and some knives can appear heavily pitted. This is not a fault, but shows the hand of the maker, and prevents food from sticking to the blade.

Get these if you want the sharpest steel coupled with stainless protection, and a nice familiar handle.

  • Bubinga handles
  • Aogami #2 Blue Paper Steel
  • Stainless Steel nashi jigane cladding
  • Double bevelled




Niwaki Tip: Beware! Many a man has been lost to the seductive mysteries of the nashi finsh.

Knife Use Blade Length Weight
Nakiri veg 6" (15cm)  11.5" (29cm) 182g
Sujihiki carving 9.5" (24cm)  15" (38cm) 172g
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