Bakuma Tristar

Pruning Saw

Great all-round garden saw, with an ergonomic grip and tough scabbard.

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Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke, not the push, giving you more control. The blades are thinner, meaning you get a thinner kerf (the cut) with less effort. Can't be bad. Bakuma's Tristar is the ideal saw for garden pruning when a folding saw wouldn't be big enough: selective coppicing, pruning out individual trunks of hazel or sweet chestnut coppice, and general shrub pruning.

  • 210: 8" blade
  • 270: 11" blade
  • Rubber grip and sturdy scabbard
  • Replacement blades available

Niwaki Tip: Always have a saw close to hand, so you're not tempted to overdo it with the secateurs.

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