Baishinshi Carving Set

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Exquisite set of seven gouges and chisels for woodworking, carving and whittling. From 3 to 9mm, straight, bevelled, rounded and v blades, hand forged in laminated aogami blue paper steel. Magnolia handles, in a beautiful Paulownia box.

3mm rounded, 4.5mm v, 6mm rounded, 6mm straight, 6mm bevelled, 9mm shallow rounded, 9mm rounded,

Paulownia wood is the traditional choice for storage boxes in Japan, as it regulates humidity well, protecting the contents from damp. The trees are quick growing - they say that in the old days, a family would plant one when a daughter was born, and harvest it for timber to make her wardrobe when she left the house to marry.

  • Aogami  blue paper steel
  • Magnolia handles
  • each piece 210mm long
  • Paulownia box

Niwaki Tip: Wipe with Camellia Oil every so often to protect.

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