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Telescopic Pruner

Extending pruner for light pruning - great for climbers, fruit trees and the very tops of topiary.

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Essential for light tree pruning

Charlie N. Tree Research

Basically, a good pair of Japanese bypass secateurs on the end of strong, lightweight aluminium handles. Long reach telescopic secateurs for getting at those out-of-reach branches. Ideal for roses, fruit trees and all those situations when getting the ladder out seems a bore. Lightweight aluminium arm easily adjusts from 6' - 10' in three stops.  Rust resistant chrome coated high carbon steel blade cuts up to 1/2" branches (depending on plant type, time of year etc*). This, and a 12' ladder, and you're invincible!


  • Extends to 10' (3.0m)
  • 1.25kg
  • Cuts branches up to 0.5" diameter*
  • Lightweight and adjustable

Niwaki Tip: Don't overdo it - it's hard to see what you're doing, and cutting at a bad angle can damage the blades. Some plants are tougher than others.

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