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Our Niwaki Stones work for just about every edged blade:

#220: coarse, for rough blades

#1000: fine, for regular sharpening - the most useful stone for every day sharpening.

#3000: super fine, for honing and detailed work

For Secateurs:

● Soak stones in water for 5 minutes before use, and keep wet during use.

● We strongly advise NOT taking your secateurs apart - they never go back together quite the same. Instead, using the concave edge, work from above, as in the images on our website. Move from the pivot towards the tip of the blade, following the curve as you go. Then back again - back and forth along the whole length of the blade. Use as much of the stone as possible, not just the top inch. This is a gentle action - don't use too much pressure.

(● FOR STRAIGHT BLADED SHEARS use the flat side of the stone, working from above or below.)

● Next, turn the secateurs over, and use the flat side of the stone to smooth the burr off the inside of the blade, going slightly over, creating a very fine bevel.

● Use the convex edge of the stone to clean off the curved edge of the bypass.


● DO NOT DROP - they’ll shatter.

● rinse after use - don't leave in water.

●don't leave to dry in direct sun or heat.

●don't let them freeze when wet - they'll shatter.

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