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Our Niwaki Stones work for just about every edged blade:

  • #220: coarse, for rough blades
  • #1000: fine, for regular sharpening - the most useful stone for every day sharpening
  • #3000: super fine, for honing and detailed work

For Secateurs:

NB. We strongly advise NOT taking your secateurs apart - they never go back together quite the same.

  • Soak stones in water for a few minutes before use, and keep wet during use
  • Use the concave edge of the stone, moving from the pivot towards the tip of the blade, following the curve as you go
  • FOR STRAIGHT BLADED SHEARS use the flat side of the stone
  • Then back again - back and forth along the whole length of the blade
  • Use as much of the stone as possible, not just the top inch
  • This is a gentle action - don’t use too much pressure
  • Next, turn the secateurs over, and use the flat side of the stone to smooth the burr off the inside of the blade, going slightly over, creating a very fine bevel
  • Use the convex edge of the stone to clean off the curved edge of the bypass
  • Finally, clean and dry the secateurs, and wipe with Camellia Oil