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Ladder Safety

Our ladders undergo thorough tests for the highly demanding Japanese market, and are rated to 100kg (220lbs)

We guarantee each ladder for two years under normal use, but please note that extruded aluminium, despite being very strong, dents and scratches easily if mis-used. In particular, when cutting branches from trees, make sure they don't hit the ladder as they fall.

Designed as garden ladders, they are not suitable for use in the construction industry

Always shorten/extend the telescopic back leg for use on slopes and steps. Always try and work up hill, not down hill.

Always use the chain, with the back leg fully stretched out. DO NOT be tempted to over-stretch the back leg beyond the length of the chain, putting extra stress on the back leg and compromising its strength.

Likewise, DO NOT use with the back leg closer than the length of the chain- you lose the triangular footprint that provides stability.

DO NOT climb higher than 3 steps from the top (2 steps on the 6 footer) even though you might have seen Japanese gardeners do so.

DO NOT over lean to the side. It might seem a bore to have to move the ladder a few inches- but it could save a serious accident.

DO NOT walk down the ladder forwards, as though walking down stairs, and never work this way.

NEVER more than one person on the ladder at one time.

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