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  1. Niwaki Craft Hatchet with Sheath

Niwaki Craft Hatchet
Mini Hatchet

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The scale, weight and balance of this tool will instantly awaken the inner-hatchet wielder inside you, guiding you, as if by magic, to the sorts of jobs at which this particular blade and handle combo will excel.

Regrettably, you can’t handle it through the website, so we’ll let you know: just under 25cm long and weighing just over half a kilogram, you’ll find many uses around the home, garden and campsite, from fashioning stakes to splitting kindling. It’s not designed for felling trees or splitting full-size logs, but, with its protective (to you and the blade) leather sheath, you can sling it in your Kantan when you head to the beach or campsite to tackle all manner of tasks.

The pleasingly ergonomic Japanese white oak handle encourages you to hold it lower down for controlled chopping actions, like brashing a conifer, or higher up, just below the head, for smaller, controlled chipping and planing.


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Niwaki Craft Hatchet
  • 580g
  • 245 x 125 x 25mm
  • 75mm blades
  • SC Carbon steel
  • Japanese White Oak handles
  • Made in Japan
  • Includes Leather Sheath
  • In Stock - Available to dispatch worldwide, or to collect