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Deadheading and gathering


Snips & Garden Scissors

… and a few secateurs. Is there anything better than pottering about in the garden with a pair of snips or garden scissors, deadheading and tidying in the cool of a summer’s evening? Or perhaps you’re an early morning garden inspector, with dew on your slippers and a cup of tea going cold back in the house? Why not both? It won’t be July forever you know …

Kurumi Pro Snips

Kurumi Pro Snips: classy snips for classy gardeners

Niwaki Sakagen Flower Scissors in Moss Green

Niwaki Sakagen Flower Scissors • 180mm: for in and out of the house.

Niwaki Mainichi Secateurs • Small Right Handed

NEW Niwaki Mainichi Secateurs: 10% smaller for daintier hands.

Niwaki Garden Snips

Niwaki Garden Snips: so simple, so effective.

Mini Secateurs

Mini Secateurs: stealthy, carry-everywhere secateurs.

Sentei Garden Scissors

Sentei Garden Scissors: classic Japanese design, favoured over secateurs by many.

Niwaki Rattan Snips

Niwaki Rattan Snips: elegant wisteria-wrapped handles paired with carbon steel blades.

Grape Snips

Niwaki Grape Snips: Scissor or snip? Snissor or scip? You decide.

Niwaki x Cubitts: Mirei spectacle frames

Niwaki x Cubitts: Mirei spectacle frames

Niwaki x Cubitts: Mirei spectacle frames

READ MORE: Niwaki has joined forces with modern spectacle maker Cubitts to create the perfect pair of spectacles for horticultural enthusiasts.

Niwaki Shows and Events Spring Summer 2024


Shows & Events 2024

Summer is here and that means SHOWS – click here to see the calendar.



How to videos & more

How to care for your tools, plus other useful and interesting videos.

Get outside!

Dry bags for wet sand, cool bags for hot gardens, portable BBQs for crowd-pleasing yakitori, sun hats to suit all tastes and head sizes, plus all manner of other clever Japanese gear to make the most of your time lounging about in the sun. Click here to view more holiday inspiration.

Niwaki Dry Bag

Niwaki Dry Bag: does what it says on the tin.

Konro Grill • Large (main)

Konro Barbecue Grill • Round Large: also available in a smaller size.

Niwaki Cooler Bag

Niwaki Cooler Bag: keeps a whole picnic for four or more cool for hours.

Niwaki Tsuba Cap • Karashi Yellow

Niwaki Tsuba Cap: also available in Navy, and in two sizes!

Chiltern Street Team May 2024-1

Niwaki Chiltern Street

Niwaki Showroom at No.7 Chaldicott Barns, Semley Niwaki Showroom No.7 HQ Chaldicott Barns Japanese gardens tools and tripod ladders


Niwaki Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers

A Niwaki Gift Voucher is a reliable solution to the age old problem of choosing a present.

Digging & Weeding

You may be dreaming of summer holidays but the weeds won’t be taking a day off for a few more months. Fortunately we have the tools to help you keep them in check. Click here for more ideas.

Niwaki Right Handed Weeding Hoe

Weeding Hoe • Right and Left Handed available: a game-changing weeding tool.

Enormous Leafpan • Orange garden tidy up tool

Enormous Orange Leafpan: doubles as a sledge for a medium-sized dog.

Hori Hori with Canvas Sheath

Niwaki Hori Hori + Canvas Sheath: weed, plant, dig, divide, do-it-all tool. You need one.

Hand Hoe

Hand Hoe: ideal for hard, dry, mid-summer earth.

Japanese tripod ladders

Japanese Tripod Ladders

The original and best Japanese Tripod Ladders. Lightweight, finished to a high standard and, most importantly, safe. Three legs and a wide base provide incredible stability, even on slopes and steps. Perfect for hedges, topiary, fruit trees and all other garden and DIY jobs where you need to work safely at height.

Our unique spring-loaded leg pin and platform top step are two of the reasons Niwaki Original Tripod ladders are the professional gardener’s ladder of choice. Try one for yourself and find out what all the fuss is about.

Japanese kitchen knife by Masashi Kobo for Niwaki


Japanese kitchen knives have a reputation for being among the best in the world, but don’t let the hype obscure their practicality. Niwaki stocks knives for all budgets and levels of enthusiasm, from the entry-level Niwaki Mainichi range (Santoku, Gyoto, Nakiri and Petty) which marries Japanese steel with Western-style handles, to the hand-finished-in-a-tiny-Sanjo-workshop majesty of the Masashi Kobo Damascus knives.

Click to browse the whole range, and feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you would like to know more.

Japanese garden tools secateurs snips holsters and shears topiary clipper on a tripod ladder

Japanese Garden Tools

Whether you’re cloud pruning a Taxus baccata (that’s yew to you), planting bulbs in the window box of a top floor balcony or keeping your houseplants neat and tidy, Niwaki probably has a tool to make the job easier and, dare we say it, a little more pleasurable.

Gardening is held in high-esteem in Japan, and the quality and thoughtful design of our secateurs, pruning saws, spades, shears – everything, really – reflect this. Click to browse the whole range and discover your next “how did I live without that?” tool.

Japanese gear Kojima denim hiyoke hat


All the gear and no idea? Sounds like you need more gear! Over the years, we’ve steadily added to a diverse range of workwear clothing, footwear, bags, Japanese pocket knives and other accessories for you and your tools, all with the common denominators of quality and practicality.

From Metal Tool Boxes to Kojima Indigo Denim Work Trousers, and Takumi Ripstop Work Suits to our ever-popular Niwaki Gardening Gloves, we’re certain you’ll find something that will make your life easier, and maybe a little more stylish to boot (we sell them too - check out the Tabi Work Boots and the Niwaki Rubber Boot). Explore the full range here.