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  1. Tobisho Sharpening Service

Tobisho Sharpening Service

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Yasuhito Tobitsuka, the owner boss at Tobisho, offers a complete overhaul/sharpening service for all his tools. It’s great - they come back as good as new, with fresh vinyl handles if necessary, polished blades and a new spring. The deal: you send to us (we recommend Recorded Delivery) we send to Japan by AirMail, Tobitsuka san does his thing, and sends them back to us. It can take 4-6 weeks, but usually 2-4, depending on the post as much as anything. What to do: select this service (Add to Order) print out the confirmation sheet and send it in with your tools.


    Allow a few weeks minimum - best to send in over the winter.


    USD / Delivering to United States

    Secateurs, Clippers & Snips

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    They come back as good as new
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