Silky Zubat

Pruning Saw

Great all round pruning saw for garden and arb use.

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270 (11") Replacement Blade

270 (11") Saw

330 (13") Replacement Blade

330 (13") Saw

390 (15") Replacement Blade

390 (15") Saw

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Best saw ever

Charlie's dad.

For those of you who prefer chopping trees down, as well as pruning them, try the mighty Zubat. Our mate Charlie's Dad got one recently and said it was the best saw ever. Aggressively curved blade rips through wood faster than any other saw. Like all Japanese saws it's pull not push, which gives you more control, and power, while cutting a thinner kerf and thus using less energy. Great for coppicing, reducing the young poles on hazel or sweet chestnut back to the stool. The name? zubat, or zubatto in Japanese, is the sound a samurai sword makes as it strikes its target...

  • 7.5 teeth per 30mm 
  • Rubber handle
  • Plastic scabbard with detachable belt loop
  • Impulse hardened, chrome plated blade
  • Replacement blades available

Niwaki Tip: Use on the pull stroke, and take care not to twist, pinch or catch the blade.

Saw Blade Weight
270 11" (27cm)  
330 13" (33cm)  
390 15" (39cm)  

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