Shapton Professional Whetstone

Ha No Kuromaku

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The #320 is great for working out chips in old knives

Neal J.

Great ceramic whetstones from Shapton for kitchen knives, chisels, planes etc. The Professional range has long been admired for its efficient cutting, and is a firm favorite among woodworkers. Somewhere around #1000 and #2000 is the perfect grade for regular kitchen knife sharpening - in fact, a well known chef's school in Tokyo gives one of these to each student as a leaving present. Plastic case doubles as a holding base, but you can just use a towel.

Splash with water before use, store dry. Don't drop. 

  • #320 Coarse (dark blue)
  • #1000 Coarse/Medium (orange)
  • #1500 Medium (turquoise)
  • #2000 Fine (green)
  • #5000 Fine (fetching pink)
  • #8000 Very Fine (melon green)
  • #12000 Finishing (very yellow)

Niwaki Tip: #320, #2000 and #4000 will do your entire knife collection

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