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2B - 12 pencils

4B - 12 pencils

6B - 12 pencils

8B - 12 pencils

10B - 12 pencils

Art Set

B -12 pencils

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Happiness is a 10B pencil

Liz B.

Talk to illustrators, artists and designers about these legendary pencils, and the tone is hushed and reverential, almost to the point of embarrassment that the humble pencil could provoke such loyalty. Here, gathered together in the Art Set, is the whole gamut, from 10B to 10H  (twenty two shades of grey?). They come beautifully lacquered, in a rich Mitsubishi maroon (no relation to the cars, btw). The ends are unsharpened, leaving you with one of life’s most exquisite little pleasures, before you’ve even used them. 

  • ART Set has 22 pencils
  • Individual leads in boxes of 12 pencils

Niwaki Tip: Just as with the pruning tools - keep them sharp!

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