Hand Forged Damascus Hori Hori

Hand Forged by Masashi

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Wouldn't it be fun, we thought, to see something as humble as the Hori Hori, transformed into a thing of pure beauty. So we asked Masashi, who very obligingly indulged us, and here we have the result. Hand forged damascus clad SLD blades with Chinese quince burl handles (that's Pseudocydonia sinensis to you and me) and a heavy duty, hand-stitched holster.

Masashi Kobo, in Sanjo City in the north of Japan, spends his time producing the most exquisite kitchen knives imaginable - see his polished and damscus knives below - but turned his skills to our Hori Hori project with great enthusiam. The SLD hagane blade is a hard wearing rust resistant steel, clad with the seductive damascus outer jigane.

We're not entirely sure who's going to use these - they'll work very well indeed for their intended purpose (digging, planting, weeding and subterannean rummaging in general) but also make rather a splendid gift if you happen to need a ceremonial Hori Hori.

  • 7" blade (18cm)
  • Total length 12" (31cm)
  • 215g
  • Damascus clad SLD blade
  • Leather holster


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